How many watts of the led light automobile headlight bulb how many watts is best

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Automobile headlight bulb how many watts of the led lights how many watt halogen bulbs best is usually referred to as 'candle lights'. What are the characteristics? 'Yellow', good color rendering and good penetration. And one more thing is cheap! Low cost make it the choice of many car manufacturers. In addition, seems to have no advantage, Halogen lamp is a bit embarrassing! ) 。 But it still has shortcomings. Brightness difference! Low lumen value! Short life, 300 - 500 hours) ! Low luminous efficiency! How many watts of automobile headlight bulb 1. How much are the xenon bulbs car headlamps power? Many owners are on the basis of the original car halogen xenon lamp, the effect how? Who with who knows astigmatism to no, did not as dazzling road! But these are without lens. High brightness, low power, long service life, 3000 - 5000 hours) , also have some of these the advantages. But the start time is long, serious astigmatism this fatal flaw is hard to accept. The xenon lamp and halogen bulbs model is consistent with the model, xenon lamp lens, it is not H series, D series, will introduce later. 2. The LED bulbs LED bulbs color temperature is higher, compared with xenon lamp and metal halide lamp is more white, start without delay, that is the bright, more focused light beam, low power, 22 w - 26W) And long service life, 50000 + hours) And small size easy installation. But its heat dissipation problems, leads to intensity attenuation speed up. Because light emitting area is small, so concentrated sex is a bit poor color warm color temperature showed is the light source of color and an absolute blackbody showed by high temperature combustion coincide with the color of the combustion temperature is defined, its unit is absolute temperature Kelvin 'K'. The higher the K value, the view of light color is tend to be white, blue, namely the more incline to at 390 nm; The lower the K value, the view of light color tends to yellow, red, is more incline to at 760 nm. Color temperature is to measure the color temperature of the standard, not measure the brightness of the light. Halogen lamp color temperature from 2300 k to 7000 k; HID lamp color temperature from 4200 k to more than 8000 k; Light color temperature is higher, its penetration is the worse for the fog and rain, The less bright) 。 How many watt led lamp best led lights headlamps 30 - in general 40 w, day light no more than 10 w, but the specific power according to the original car lights and individual requirements for brightness. In theory, the higher the led lamp wattage, namely, big power, brightness is more bright. But in fact, the led lamp wattage is not the higher the better, if the wattage is high, the greater the power, the higher the working temperature, which requires better heat dissipation effect. Because the led chip working temperature must be controlled under 85 ℃, so as to ensure that its service life can reach more than 30000 hours. If the high wattage led, its power is big, high working temperature also can become, once more than 85 ℃, the life of the led lamp will be shortened with a rise of temperature. In addition, because car line have rated power, if the led lamp wattage is higher, more than the auto wire load, lines will be fever, more can lead to burn out. From the luminous efficiency, the same wattage led headlight brightness compared to the original car halogen lamps. Led lights according to the power consumption, can be divided into different power range, general motor single has 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 tile, etc. , general household 1 w leds is equivalent to around 8 w bulb, and the power of automotive led lights is 2 - ordinary halogen lamps Three times. So, at the time of changing light, it is not necessary to replace the more powerful, can only be in the same with the original car power or less power leds.
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