How much car panoramic sunroof panoramic sunroof what price

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Car how much money a panoramic sunroof panoramic sunroof what price this may be related to the Chinese car configuration preference towards inseparable. At present, the domestic consumers like cars with panoramic sunroof. They think have panoramic sunroof car can be more transparent, and will not let a person feel depressed. On the configuration, skylight seemingly lofty fashion configuration seems to be we must, especially a panoramic sunroof, it is a favorite of many drivers. Panoramic sunroof car how much money do not say maybe I don't know, you buy a car demanded a panoramic sunroof configuration, it is forced to style, but with the use will find it may not be so ah, a lot of what problems. Small make up inventory to you a few about the disadvantages of panoramic sunroof, also hope that the car owner at the time of buying a car to select rational consumption. The weight of glass are worry, under the premise of the same intensity, bulkier than thin steel and aluminum, and vehicle weight have very direct influence to the weight of the vehicle, may engineers worked so hard to optimize zero several fuel consumption, has been to dilute heavy glass, of course, there are resin material skylight, can greatly reduce weight, but it is a difficult problem of body stiffness problems. I think everyone is running in high speed, believe that don't open the window still accounts for a significant proportion of, because the fuel economy, but if the car people carsick? If open the side window, the occupants will be annoying noise and pungent strong winds, if open sunroof closed side window at this time, the negative pressure under the action of wind, will not give the vehicle to increase wind resistance, also can achieve the effect of ventilation, reduce car noise. Panoramic sunroof sitting in the car in the sun in the winter also pretty comfortable, but in the summer that feeling you cannot describe, each have experience, strong sunshine in summer, straight into the car quickly ascending temperature inside the car, if the configuration is without the visor panoramic sunroof, the car immediately turned into a natural oven. Even equipped with a visor panoramic sunroof, also can feel a heatwave hovering above the head, may improve the stick a sunscreen film, but the effect is really minimal. There is a car late aging love is leaking, and the overall structure is more complex, because the glass is not always and body one. And the roof strength slightly reduce! If you can tolerate the shortcomings, you can lie to look at the stars in the car! Enjoy more sunshine and heat! Panoramic sunroof what price do you think the car is equipped with a panoramic sunroof what price? How much are these cars with panoramic sunroof? At the time of money a few years, many people think buy a panoramic sunroof car how wear also get more than a dozen two thousands? In fact as early as 16 years on domestic cars are equipped with a panoramic sunroof. This one is the baojun 510, baojun 510 deluxe edition is equipped with skylight. Baic phantom speed, in fact, beginning of the brand is a magic and wuling, doing commercial vehicle, then slowly turned to the passenger cars. Baic is arguably one of the more well-known at home, although Beijing auto group's brand is more, return true not a brand is well-known brands, if any, is only a saab. Biya at this year's sales decline is more serious, in fact, byd as early as ten years ago began to enter the hybrid car industry, 08 byd F3DM, can be regarded as the earliest development of hybrid vehicles car companies. Zhongtai became a national famous enterprises, do a car, that is 'danger', as the Thai rely on 'danger' earned the first bucket of gold after began to develop their own vehicles, now in the domestic reputation gradually recover, car companies is doing a good job. These take panoramic sunroof car are domestic cars, the panoramic sunroof car - you need how many money? Actually these with the price range for 5 - on panoramic sunroof 80000, enough to illustrate the development of the car very fast.
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