How much is the normal tire pressure? What are the implications for the car tire pressure

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Is like a car tire feet, but the muscles of the tire pressure is on tire, tire pressure is not appropriate, will affect the normal driving of the car. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on tire pressure is normal? Tire pressure and what are the implications for the car? How much is the normal tire pressure in general, normal tire pressure will be subject to depot recommended value. Tire pressure standards related to tyre types and models, different models, the size, height and weight of the car tire are not the same, and the tire pressure are also different. Standard tire pressure is 240 kpa 250 kpa, enhanced tire pressure is 280 kpa 290 kpa。 Hot and cold tyres and tyres of tire pressure is also not the same, hot child than cold tyres, high pressure about 20 kpa. Depot suggested value namely cold tyres tire pressure, cold car condition of tire pressure in kpa - 230 About 250 kpa, but specific to mark per car tire pressure shall prevail. Affected by seasonal factors, in addition, the tire pressure particularly big, high summer temperatures, in the process of the driving wheel easy to heat, easy to cause a blowout tire pressure are high, tire pressure should be slightly lower; Winter tire pressure is higher than the summer, because of the cold heat, so the general winter car tire pressure in kpa - 250 Between the 280 kpa is more appropriate. What are the implications for the car tire pressure discretion to 1. Tire pressure high tire pressure, fuel efficient, direction of light. Tire pressure is too high, the contact area of tire and ground decreases, the pressure per unit area, wear, easy to cause the brake is out of control, blasting ground bumps or sag, damage to the car's suspension system, taking uncomfortable, etc. Give a person the feeling of power increase. Although high benefits tire pressure, but also has a drawback, that is to make the braking distance, length, because the tire pressure is too high to was supposed to be flat tire jacking, make the grounding area is smaller, will also affect the pattern of the tire, tire adhesion of variation. There is high pressure to wall bulge. Especially when you are on the road opposite. 2. Child down, down, shorten braking distance, turning the grip is better, but there are also disadvantages, low pressure can make the car more waste oil, the direction of a turn when heavy, there is a power shortage of feelings. Tire pressure is too low, the tire and ground contact area increases, the tire temperature abnormal increase, at the same time, as the tire deformation, the internal wire, curtain coating aging intensifies, so as to set a dangerous precedent for the flat tire, and increase fuel consumption, reduce tire life. There are many car owners will also have such experience, one day, suddenly found himself car lose a wheel of gas. This is because the tires were causing slow leak after nail, this leakage process is very slow, not easy to find with the naked eye. Wheels when you can see with the naked eye kui gas, it has been below the normal tire pressure for a month or so. And tyre deficency, would lead to tire internal accelerated aging, tyre internal damage at this time also can't see with the naked eye, so, when you make up the air, high speed, tire temperature, tire pressure will increase, the intensity of the tire sharply lower, inside the tire with damage easily burst, causing serious accidents. There is generally the sidewall of the tire is very fragile, low pressure, will let the compression of tires reduction, so on and easy to tire fatigue, in this case the temperature of the tire is also more quickly, when the tire temperature over 80 degrees Celsius is very easy to puncture. Tire pressure high and low overall fuel efficiency, only in a reasonable range without firing oil. Tire pressure is high to take not too comfortable, bumpy sense is stronger, run high speed, tire pressure can exceed the specified value a lot, too high or too low tire pressure is likely to cause a blowout. More about 'how much is the normal tire pressure? What are the implications for the car tire pressure discretion 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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