How much is the southeast RIGS lancer modified price list

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
If a car is modified in order to show the appearance of fashion and always leading performance, so how to make it modified? The answer is very simple, that is adapted, modified, and then modified. Lancer at home should be a model conversion rate is higher, due to the model itself is Chinese from Taiwan, local modification of the lancer and extremely popular in Taiwan, so it's a lot of modified parts is already quite mature products, plus some Taiwan refitting accessories manufacturers have factories in mainland China, modified parts for many of the lancer had a certain lower prices than before. This time we got this converted lancer is from the southeast cars in shop. Cars are used for display of the shopkeeper, so repeated after several times of modification, the tail alone to turn 4 times. Each change, the shop owner will increase or decrease in some parts, on the one hand, can verify the actual effect, on the other hand also provides the lancer owners more reference. Then we will let's look at the handsome lancer! ! ! ! Appearance: before and after including the poles, two skirts, high tail, two fender, machine cover and four wheel eyebrow, 14 suite LANCEREVO surrounded by six generations of whole vehicle which makes 'gentle' lancer 'rogue' a lot of. The surrounded with glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, so the overall price is cheaper, southeast of the 4 s shop after spray paint, only 10000 yuan. Higher relative prices for carbon fibre material, the glass fiber reinforced plastic weight is heavy, but is easy to repair. Lancer original halogen headlamps light and brightness is weak, so the overall change into Taiwan China CNC headlamps ( Black) The near and far, the original car light H4 light bulb has been replaced by more bright H1 and H7, the blue light in the night it looks very beautiful. Tail lamp to replace a mitsubishi LANCEREVO original lamp, and to do the two pieces of luggage cover reflector, make the vehicle tail looks more full. In addition, the details of the appearance, a full set of seven generations of the EVO stickers and hood locks up the role of the dot eyeball. Motivation: increased ESE style in the air cleaner, can not only improve the charging efficiency and reduces the cost. Need only simple cleaning and style, can use repeatedly. , style matching with inlet pipe installed in the turbine inlet round, this kind of collocation is especially suitable for reluctant to the owner of the modified mushrooms and high-end models, both increasing the inlet, make the combustion more sufficient, but also to reduce the carbon deposition. The car also installed a secondary air inlet valve, to save fuel, speed up the speed has great benefits. In order to improve the exhaust flow more thoroughly, the car's exhaust period will be replaced ( Head, middle and late) , the power increased. Fuel charging additional device when the vehicle speed is stronger TuiBei feeling. Stability: the car was installed respectively before the top, top, and after the sway bar, effectively improve the vehicle turn or change lanes when the roll is not stable. All metal chassis guard board will minimize the loss of vehicle when the palm. Vehicle chassis changes are often hard to see directly, so the vehicle basic kept intact in this aspect, but four springs are installed spring damper, also can yet be regarded as a cheap way of modification. Tyre and rim had a great influence on the appearance of the vehicle, so do the replacement, Michelin the MXF sport 205/45 r16 flat tire and the collocation of color metal wheels and vehicle bring out the best in each other. The car's interior also made a thorough 'decoration', the car steering wheel and shift the feel is good, operation is also more direct. Professional car seat is not famous brand, but for the crew of the support is in place. Two pieces in the left side column Tritec oil temperature on the table and A voltmeter is easy to observe, but affects the line of sight. Converted the lancer, on the whole, in the case of inexpensive, in addition to the chassis suspension, etc. , other places have reached the level of the shape of the EVO, but to really achieve double level still has a long way to go. RIGS Michelin tyres price list the MXF sport 205/45 r16800 yuan/article BFB reinforce negative line 260 yuan / 7 root NGK iridium spark plug - 350 yuan/four F1 450 yuan/Z turbine inlet round a EVO 6 generation surrounded by 14 suite ( Contains painting) RMB 10000 / set of before and after the top and anti-roll bar under 800 yuan/set of tail lamp ( Including reflector) 1500 yuan of/on the CNC headlamps ( Black) 2500 yuan of/for seven generations of the EVO decorative stickers 500 yuan/set Taiwan chassis guard board 750 yuan/set Korean spring buffer is 700 yuan / 4 16 inch alloy wheels, 720 yuan/a South Korea snail horn voice at 450 yuan/racing wheel ( With base) 800 yuan/a ASE cylinder wire 230 yuan/set of car seat 2000 yuan/set of rear seat cover 1000 yuan/set of ESE air filter style - 200 yuan/a F1 Z secondary air inlet dynamic valve 650 yuan/set electronic ballast RMB 1600 / set
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