How often do the tires change before and after

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
First of all, we must understand why we need to change the tires, because the tires are replaced to make the tires wear more evenly, and also to extend the life of the tires! In principle, when the vehicle travels 8000-10000 kilometers, it is necessary to change the tires! Because the driving form of ordinary family cars is different now, as follows: 1. Vehicles with front-drive front engines need to consider that the front wheels are both responsible for steering and driving the entire vehicle when changing tires. This causes the front and rear tires to wear differently, and the tire wear and the weight distribution of the vehicle There is also a relationship. The tire transposition is of great help to the uniform wear of the tire. The tires with different specifications, structure and wear resistance have a great influence on the handling performance and stability of the vehicle. Generally speaking, it is recommended to adjust the left rear to the front right, the right rear to the left front, the left front to the left rear, and the right front to the right rear for every 10,000 kilometers the car travels. 2. For vehicles with engine front and rear drive, since the rear wheels are driving wheels, and such vehicles are generally heavy in weight, it is recommended that the tires should be adjusted from left front to right rear, right front to left rear, and left rear to Adjust left front and right back to right front, 3. If it is a four-wheel drive vehicle, since all four wheels are driving wheels, it is recommended that all front, rear, left and right wheels should be cross-swapped, that is, front left to right, front right to left, rear left to right, and rear right to front left. . If the spare tire on the car is of the same specification, you may also join the swap. In addition to swapping the left front / left rear with each other, you can move the spare tire to the front right, front right to rear right, rear right wheel Become a spare tire rest. The above hopes can help you!
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