How old is your car? Car maintenance periodic table - for you DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-14
Many owners of car maintenance all know size, but auto parts maintenance cycle, must have a lot of people are vague. Car maintenance cycle, according to difference of car types differ, there may be some models do manual work is strong, durable, maintenance cycle is relatively longer, but the big rule will not change. As the saying goes, 'a stitch in time, a stitch in time saves nine. ' the exclusive car's maintenance of the periodic table to you! How old is your car? Car maintenance periodic table for your 1, 4 years following A and four years old is the best state of vehicles: car condition is very good, the body is also very neat appearance, as long as the routine maintenance, basic won't have what problem, such as change oil, brake pads, four filter, etc. 1) Air filter change 6 months or 10000 km, once every 5000 km clean; 2) Change oil filter for 6 months or 5000 km, and the oil change at the same time; 3) 1 years or 10000 kilometers to replace fuel filter; 4) Air-conditioning filter change 10000 kilometers, or change before air conditioning in summer and winter season, when using has peculiar smell to clean; 5) Wiper blade 1 year replacement, or replaced in spring every year. 6) Automatic transmission oil for 3 years or 60000 kilometers; 7) Manual transmission on the premise of no fault, gear oil can be a lifetime will not be changed; 8) Replace power steering oil 4 years or 60000 kilometers; 9) Replace brake oil 2 years or 40000 kilometers; 10) Fuel pump 2 or 3. - Replace 40000 km; 11) Shock absorber 3 - Or 5-4 years Replace 60000 km; 12) Replace brake fluid 2 years or 50000 kilometers; 13) 60000 km or 2 - battery 3 years to replace; 14) Brake pad 2 years or 3 - 40000 kilometers, according to the brake pads wear conditions. B 2, 4 to 7 years old, the old car, a lot of parts will be a bit, especially often run long high-speed, plus a variety of natural aging of rubber hose should be focused on the maintenance of the following parts. 1) 4 - timing system Or 7-5 years Replace 100000 km; 2) Rubber and 4 - 5 or 6 - Change 100000 km, black oil, water and so on is rubber aging; 3) Ordinary green antifreeze 2 years or 40000 kilometers, red long-lasting change antifreeze for 5 years or 100000 kilometers, use after a period of time will be reduced, appropriate supplement. 4) Change line 6 years or 80000 kilometers, cylinder line using long conductive efficiency can reduce influence the vehicle performance, reduce the useful service life of the spark plug with the spark plug replacement at the same time; 5) 8000 - tire transposition 13000 kilometers, the type of tires cannot be used to rotate to the rear wheels; 6) Four-wheel positioning is only a means of maintenance, if the car no problem you don't need to do. 3 and 7 years old, now C cancelled for passenger car decommission in fixed number of year, more than 7 years of car is old car. Maintenance is second, give priority to with inspection replacement maintenance. 1) The tank 7 or 10 - 120000 km to replace, clean once 2 years; 2) Automatic transmission 7 years or 100000 kilometers; 3) 12 - the clutch assembly 150000 kilometers, including the clutch pressure plate, clutch platen and release bearing.
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