How to achieve the purpose of safe driving

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25

When the vehicle is running, the engine brake deceleration can be achieved by shifting to a low gear. It is generally suitable for vehicles traveling downhill or downhill on mountain roads, making full use of the engine's pull function to achieve timely deceleration to avoid excessive speed or long-term braking , Causing traffic accidents caused by overheating of the brake pads or 'locking'. The principle is roughly as follows: the low-speed gear is generally in the second and third gear positions. At this time, the engine speed is relatively low, but the torque is higher than the high speed. Cars on downhill slopes have a natural acceleration effect under the load (including self-weight) and the gravity of the ramp, forcing the vehicle to accelerate down, and frequent braking or handbrake will increase friction plate and brake disc friction and overheating, which will reduce braking performance. In severe cases, the brakes are 'locked' out of control, causing serious vehicle accidents. The low torque and high torque of the engine on the flat road can drive the vehicle to carry the weight. The rear wheel on the downhill road is under the load and gravity, and the vehicle speed is also lower than the flat road. Partially offset the cylinder pressure and low torque of the engine. So as to achieve the speed reduction effect. However, it should be noted that long-distance downhill also damages the engine, so it is also a good choice to choose a loose area to rest properly, and you must pay attention to car safety.                                

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