How to adjust fuel carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-06-01
How to adjust fuel carburetor

release date: 2015 - 10 - 8 11:52:43

carburetor is used to regulate the percentage of air and oil components, allows the engine to operate properly, it not only influence the power of engine, also decided how much fuel consumption. To reflect some of the owners, after cleaning the carburetor, fuel consumption is much more than before, is very annoyed owners. The reason for the increase of fuel consumption is mainly out of the carburetor, the carburetor only adjust to the best state, to play the best effect of power and fuel economy. How to adjust to fuel the carburetor?

on the right side of a small screw, carburetor, fuel consumption, is used to adjust the screw twist to the generally low, and then back half a circle, adjust it can reduce the idle speed, in order to achieve the purpose of fuel economy, pay attention to adjusting to counterclockwise. There is a screw, generally at the bottom of the carburetor, adjust it can change the proportion of oil and gas, gas door smoke oil, adjustment of normal engine sound is ringing, HP also nip, but adjustment is not easy to start, and the engine. Adjust the oil level: with their mouths at air inlet side with the movement of the mobile oil side, until the blow not intake, stop and check the status of the oil, oil is the mobile terminal of the general points can be in a horizontal line. Owners to try not to take a moving at ordinary times the accelerator to the end, in order to achieve the goal of fuel-efficient.

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