How to adjust the carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-29
How to adjust the carburetor

release date: 2014 - 10 - 21 9:00:46

is the heart of the engine, carburetor, it will be a certain amount of fuel and air mixing, the normal operation of the engine, so that the normal operation of the machine. But if you don't wear to coordinate engine gasoline mixed with air, so sometimes need to adjust the carburetor. So how to adjust the carburetor?

carburetor adjustment should be performed when the water temperature above 80 degrees, the carburetor has a hook on the kind of thing, in the lower part of it have a screw that is quickly adjust the idle and outward to the screw loose loose until did not connect with iron, and then in the tight against iron, then to close to half a circle or 3/4 ring screw. So fast the idle speed screw has been set.

the adjustment of the mixture, the carburetor has a mixture of screw, clockwise is the lean mixture, counter-clockwise is rich mixture. After just switch the idle screw set, temporarily don't move the mixture adjustment screw, and then strike a light, if light on the accelerator engine did not start or start immediately after go out, then you can judge is too thin, mixture screw idle screw counterclockwise around 3 - Four laps, lighter again. If car started then you can have a look at the idle speed, if too high, then the mixture adjustment screw clockwise the lean mixture until shivering, and then screw counterclockwise until the engine running smoothly and the engine idle speed between 850 to 50, if too low, so the engine shivering, can be directly screw counterclockwise attune rich mixture until the engine is running smoothly, idle values conform to the requirements, the mixture is adjusted at this time.

the above method is to adjust the carburetor, of course, there may be more simple method, not introduce one by one here.

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