How to adjust the carburetor float chamber oil level height

by:DEFUS     2020-05-29
How to adjust the carburetor float chamber oil level height

release date: 2015 - 1 - 8 11:51:42

carburetor is an important part of mechanical vehicles, adjust the mixing ratio of air and oil, enables the equipment to normal operation. Carburetor float chamber of the oil level is directly related to the amount of fuel consumption, so it should be adjusted periodically check the oil level of carburetor float chamber height. The carburetor factory for us about how to adjust:

put oil hose down the float chamber, unscrew the float chamber oil drain screw, for oil flow out, the oil drain hose on with carburetor float chamber junction plane between move up and down, until put fuel within the tubing emitted when motionless, just at this point, is the oil level of carburetor float chamber height. Normal oil level height should be in the carburetor body and float chamber junction plane between 2 mm - down 3 mm.

by checking that the oil level is too high, and the decline in vehicle performance variation of engine power, but will hold up in the motorcycle, start the engine a little warm car, the fuel tank switch to the closed position, after will float oil drain screw loose, put some gasoline, check the oil level position at the same time. Accelerating performance is good, the crankshaft speed rise faster, the decline of engine power and float oil level is too low.

use the disposable syringe attracting measuring gasoline, put into the float chamber cylinder front-end drain hose, slowly to float interior finish a moderate amount of gasoline, can't push too much, otherwise it will cause float chamber oil level is too high. Pull out the syringe, check the oil level height, if just in carburetor ontology with the float chamber under 2 mm - oriented 3 mm, the oil drain screw tightening. Start the engine for about 5 minutes, the slow step on the gas. Such as speed up quickly, can be considered the vehicle accelerating performance difference is caused by a carburetor float oil level is too low. Can remove the carburetor adjust float needle valve arm, packed float chamber cover, or use the above method to check the oil level is in line with the requirements, determine the oil level has returned to normal after loaded on the motorcycle.

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