How to adjust the mixing ratio of carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-28

The heart of the engine, carburetor, its role is to a certain proportion of gasoline mixed with air, make the engine work for normal operation of the machine. Carburetor mixing ratio is also called the air-fuel ratio is the ratio of air to fuel. Referred to as far as possible when the concentration in thick or light oil and gas to describe, if speak of high or low is one of the air-fuel ratio. So when the concentration of oil and gas, less oil more than air, ratio is low; On the contrary, light oil and gas, oil less air, high ratio. Carburetor mixing ratio affect the use of the machine and how much gasoline usage, so the key to adjusting the carburetor mixture ratio comparison.

a, first check with carburetor relevant fittings connect closely, ensure the carburetor suction is normal, no leakage, suction block phenomenon;

2, mix carburetor than screw clockwise, then counterclockwise 1. Five laps. Start the engine, let the engine warm up 10 minutes, the engine at normal operating temperature;

3, adjust the speed of the carburetor adjusting screw, the engine speed and the lowest can keep running;

around four, adjusting the carburetor mixture ratio screw repeatedly, to achieve the highest in engine speed. In the process, after mixing ratio screw to adjust to a certain position, and the mixing ratio screw counterclockwise, idle nothing will change, the mixing ratio can be screw stay idle just transferred to their position of maximum;

5, rapidly spinning throttle hand, violent, then loose the gas, in the process, observe whether the engine acceleration and deceleration is stable, if the smooth, adjust the success, such as no smooth, to readjust, until smooth engine deceleration.

6, the engine idle speed, should remain off for 5 minutes and idle speed adjustment, some vehicles may idle speed is low, at this time should be high idle modestly, in a 1000 - About 1500 r/min, because of the idle speed is too low, high-speed pine throttle when idle running may stall, the reason is when the high-speed air inlet pressure is reduced, affect the carburetor idle orifice gas supply.

7, idle speed adjustment process, if urgent during fuel exhaust pipe blasting phenomenon, generally is a rich mixture, can mix carburetor than screw counterclockwise, if urgent during fuel flameout or fire phenomenon, generally is too thin, mixture can mix carburetor than screw clockwise.

carburetor adjustment, can carry out test road, after the completion of the test road, remove the spark plug, the color of spark plug center electrode, ceramic, if for the brick red is normal, if the hair is white, the mixture slants thin, if black, partial rich mixture, need to continue to adjust the carburetor.

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