How to adjust the self-test steering wheel steering wheel direction running deviation

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
How to adjust the self-test steering wheel steering wheel direction running deviation. Car steering wheel for our driving is very important, but many of our car friend is not doing well in terms of the steering wheel adjustment. How far is it from the steering wheel away from your body? Many of our riders can master it well. Here are some tips that can make us more easy to adjust the steering wheel, and will not affect our drive for car steering wheel. Steering wheel direction how to adjust the distance before and after the adjustments of the adjustment the standard steering wheel, the concrete measure of adjusting the accurate or not, is the natural posture, single hand rested lightly on top, the steering wheel and keep straight basic arm only slightly bent. Exact location of the regulating mode can be found at the bottom of the steering wheel steering wheel lock handle, loosen the handle, the steering wheel can adjust up and down before and after, once the regulation in place, presses the handle, the steering wheel is locked. Switch to adjust detailed step one: find find switch to adjust the steering wheel on the car steering wheel directly. Step 2: detailed manual regulation switch to adjust the height of the steering wheel with his hand to pull up the steering wheel, manually adjust the height of the steering wheel, adjust to the appropriate location in switch lock buckle down. Attention must be in parking ( The best shut down) Adjust the condition. Adjustment shall be effect under normal circumstances, should be making the most of the wheel along the height with the driver on the shoulder height, and can be done by adjusting the height of chair, of course, the extent of the steering wheel and seat adjustment to both driver comfort, both at the same time is also convenient to driving a car. Self-test car steering wheel wandering wandering is the car driving straight on a flat road, on the side direction deviation, lead to the center of the front axle auto connect with road track is inconsistent with the center line of the phenomenon. Running deviation caused by light on tyres, tyre scrap, or cause a dangerous situation such as blowout, the vehicle is out of control. The owner daily check method of step (1) to ensure that the four tire air pressure are exactly the same; (2) on the straight road to keep moving in a straight line in the steering wheel position, the vehicle has no wandering; When the car is normal; (3) if not wandering in the flat surface road, not just the steering wheel Angle, it doesn't have anything to do with four wheel positioning, only need to adjust the direction of the machine around the length of the tie rod can be solved. (4) if at the time of flat surface road vehicle running deviation, you need to head to the side is spinning the wheel to correct running deviation to the steering wheel is not straight, it is 4 wheel positioning has a problem. Click on the picture comment on vehicle running deviation, the possible reasons (1) tire pressure range per twenty thousand km should change the position of the tire, because of the driving wheel wear degree is always larger than other wheels, are a direct result of different friction will be wandering. Click on the picture comment (2) on both sides of the tire pattern is not the same as or decorative pattern is not the same as the one deep one shallow high best is all use the same type of car tyres, front axle and rear axle of at least two tires must be the same, and the tread depth must be the same, more than wear limit. Click on the picture comment (3) new normally running deviation due to suspension system failure probability is very low, because before delivery of the vehicles have been fuel injector manufacturer of strict testing and adjusting. But does not rule out original design has a problem, such as suspension of guide bar and steering tie rod motion interference will affect vehicle running deviation. The former is caused by manufacturing errors, adjust the, the latter is due to original design, and the latter more cause to run right slant. Click on the picture comments (4) the stand or fall of steering system will also affect the car straight each fitting the clearance is too large, or worn loose bearing, king pin and bushing wear, will cause the car on the road to place first, cannot maintain normal trajectory. If it is a steering knuckle arm, steering knuckle bending deformation, tend to cause car one-way wandering. The most serious is with linkage end after serious wear loose, will cause steering failures, then cars will be completely out of control.
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