How to change the oil filter oil filter replacement skills

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
How to change the oil filter oil filter replacement technique vehicles to change the oil regularly to ensure that the indicators in the acceptable range. Regularly to the vehicle oil change, is the key of the car maintenance. How often do the change the oil filter? How does the oil change, oil filter right? Small make up for you organize the related strategy. How to change the oil filter in the first place, is the day of work for an oil change. Oil change, must comply with the requirements of the user manual, the specific process can refer to the following steps. Prepare tools enough new oil: check your user manual to choose the appropriate SAE the amount of oil viscosity and API performance and need. A new oil filter: most vehicles use different type and size of the rotation of the oil filter. ( Check your user manual to choose the appropriate type and size) 。 Machine filter wrench: this is a replacement filter the necessary tools. Gloves: outline map of this kind of cotton gloves. Put on the gloves first prevented slippery, secondly to prevent burns. 'Oil basin must be used, to prevent the oil flow and the land is. Suggestion: to position a plastic bag in a basin and is more convenient to deal with waste engine oil, also can let the bowl clean. A funnel and a wooden wedge ( The two is not a must that you'd better) 。 Jack: the car will bring. ( If owners in filter, can also tao nets are needed, the price is in 75 yuan or so. ) Spanner wrench: 15 mm. Change the step the first step: vehicle preparation. Run the engine, to the working temperature. Then use the jack will vehicle jacking, pull hand brake and front wheel chock to squeeze. Into the chassis to see ( Note, please be sure to get to know you first special safety precautions which are mentioned in the user manual) 。 The second step, from the old oil. With 15 mm wrench to loosen a bit oil plug screw counterclockwise. Don't twist. Then put the set of good plastic basin under the screw ( Put some back a bit. To prevent out of oil, oil spray away. ) Put basin, with the hand to twist screw, to the little drops of oil, be careful twist the screw. Don't let the hot oil burns. ( Suggest the cool car do maintenance. The third step, remove the oil filter. Such as oil flow almost, can use the machine filter wrench unloading machine, open the engine cover on the oil cover, using filter wrench counterclockwise to unscrew the oil filter. Screw out oil filter from the engine compartment, be careful not to touch hot exhaust manifold. At this time of the machine and a little oil residue in the filter. Be careful not to drop is everywhere. Pay special attention to the fourth step: oil filter the preparing work before installing this step is to tell you to replace the new machine use first filter to filter the inside filled with oil. Change oil filter techniques general primary owners will mostly in 4 s shop replace air filter and air filter, is quality guaranteed, but it will need to pay high cost of parts and man-hour cost. In fact, in the four filter, air filter and air conditioner filter replacement is not large, difficult owner can be yourself. In addition, when change the oil filter and fuel filter, due to the need to lift most of the models, here we do not recommend their replacement. Air filter: air filter in the inlet position of the engine, it can effectively filter dust impurities in the air, make the air into the combustion chamber purity greatly increased, to ensure that the fuel combustion. Price: the general models of air in 50-100 yuan between, price is a few special vehicles, such as jaguar, Mercedes, BMW yuan air price is in 100 yuan of above. Deputy factory prices generally positive factory parts price of 1/3 ~ 1/4, at best, as long as 20 or 30 yuan. Air-conditioning filter function: with air filter, air filter is used to filter the impurities such as dust particles in the air, provide clean air for the automotive air conditioning. Price: basic in dozens of yuan. Recommended selection of the air conditioning filter with activated carbon, the price is without activated carbon in the air conditioning, only a few higher.
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