How to change your bike flywheel

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Find it hard to replace the flywheel, it doesn't matter, finish see tutorial ready tools can be easily replaced, let us together and see it! How to change your bike chain flywheel 1, remove the rear wheel be moved to the smallest flywheel and loosen the quick release lever, remove the rear wheel. Then you need a flywheel wrench and flywheel cover tools. 2, remove the flywheel cover to a flywheel wrench around the large flywheel, the flywheel cover tools into, in order to remove the flywheel cover counterclockwise. 3, remove the old flywheel unscrewed the lock ring, pull the flywheel pieces or whole to the outside, if you want to keep old flywheel, they strung together with cable tie is a good method. 4, install new flyer wheel from big to small in order to install the flywheel, guarantee the flywheel right order, and ensure the gaps between each piece of the flywheel is the same. It is worth noting that the flywheel of the positive and negative don't put wrong, the general flywheel for the outside will be engraved with teeth, card slot size also should pay attention to, otherwise unable to right into the flywheel. 5, set of locking ring will lock ring fixed in the flywheel of the lateral. Initially with the hand to tighten in place, then further use a flywheel cover wrench. If you find that the flywheel cover is difficult to mount or flywheel cover bite the thread too short, please make sure length is correct. Similarly, if still cannot be fixed after the flywheel cover and tighten the flywheel, and check whether the Kentucky specification is the same as the flywheel. 6, lock lock tight flywheel cover when you don't need the flywheel wrench. Clockwise tightened the flywheel, Kentucky one thousand jins can provide enough resistance. Remember, the flywheel cover don't overly tight, because one day you want to put it down. Why bicycle flywheel quality are so good? Gear, gear in using a wide range in real life. For example, in cars, on the need to turn the industrial products. Of course, on the bike is not exceptional also, the use of gear on the bike has been called the flywheel. The bicycle flywheel, of course, is made up of pieces of disc, made up of many process complex disc or flywheel patches, the quality of the flywheel is so good. Bicycle flywheel, then, what kind of technology and material is how to use? Can make the quality of the flywheel so wear-resisting, to share with you the below. Look from the material, there are many kinds of the material of the flywheel. Main material is titanium alloy, steel, aluminum alloy composite materials and so on. Because the flywheel for this feature is and its high wear-resisting, so select material must also be has wear-resisting properties. According to the current market, most of the entry level of 1 bicycle flywheel are used to steel quality. Because only from the point of view of wear resistance. Steel but has a great advantage. Not only is the wear resistance of steel, and the price of steel. Often steel flywheel are is not very expensive on average, tend to be within two hundred. So the steel price is the highest. Steel flywheel, on wearing this feature, can be described as a flywheel, can kill other material is also on the price. Of course steel flywheel is flawed, downside is that heavy weight. If there is a heavy demand for its own weight of cyclists, can not consider steel. Consider the flywheel of the titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. Such as high strength titanium alloy flywheel, not just on the abrasion resistance has its own advantages, weight is also very attractive. Titanium alloy on price, however, is not so friendly, titanium alloy steel price is often a few times, or even more. However, at present a lot of flywheel will use hollow out the manufacturing process to make the flywheel. Because the hollow out of flywheel, can greatly reduce its own weight, especially suitable for steel material. But hard to avoid can fall on abrasion resistance, so the hollow out of the flywheel is not very suitable for cyclists often ride a long distance. So whether in choosing teeth plate or the flywheel, not only should consider the flywheel and tooth plate of its own performance and wear resistance. Also take into account the weight of its own, and carry its own technology and so on, are considered.
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