How to check and adjust the carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

When the engine does not work, the first thing we suspect is carburetor, the carburetor in the heart of the engine, it holds the engine power, life and death so carburetor became the first suspect. At this time we need to remove the carburetor and air filter, check whether the carburetor failure or poor contact. If it is damaged then you need to ask professional personage to repair or replacement, not simply clean up after installation.

open check amount of cleaning the carburetor, bore hole, the amount of idle speed, air volume, the float chamber oil level to adjust the normal, the oil needle CARDS to the last one, and then reinstall the carburetor and air filter. After the installation of launch vehicles, preheat 2 to 3 minutes, a car to see if it could work normally. Adjusting plunger height adjusting screw to idle speed, the lowest and then adjust the idle speed adjusting screw air to the engine speed is the highest, adjust a few times repeatedly, until the lowest position of plunger, the highest engine speed and smooth operation, to adjust to the best position. Slowly go door, engine speed should be smooth, the throttle should be no block on any speed feeling, or remove the oil needle downward adjustment, the card until satisfied.

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