How to clean the engine cleaning carbon deposit?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
Use fuel cleaning additives: when the engine is working, the fuel pump draws fuel to the fuel line and at the same time draws in the cleaning agent. With the flow of fuel, it can not only clean the colloid on the fuel tank, gasoline pump filter and colloid and carbon deposits on the fuel injector, but also automatically remove the carbon deposits in the valves and engine cylinders when the engine is running normally. The engine 'rejuvenated' and renewed its surging power. Three methods for cleaning up carbon deposits are the most effective, for example: 1. In fact, the hanging bottle is: the 'hanging bottle' is filled with a pressurized atomized cleaning agent, and the cleaning agent is sent to the intake port to 'solvent dissolve with carbon deposits of throttle valves, fuel injectors and other components 'Reaction, and then use the high engine speed to clean the carbon deposits from the engine, but the carbon deposits are very serious, which will cause the three-way catalytic system to block or even damage; 2. Use of cleaning agent Pour the cleaning agent into the machine, spray it into the combustion chamber with the pressure of the machine, let the cleaning agent react with the carbon deposit to dissolve, and then draw out the waste liquid. If the carbon deposit is very serious, the large pieces of carbon falling can not be completely Withdrawing may damage the combustion chamber; 3. Fuel additives use clean fuel additives for a long time. Although they are not as thorough as publicity, they still have a certain effect, especially for non-direct injection models.
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