How to deal with the bumper can local spray paint

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
As a car owner, you must have your car will be a small problem troubles, such as one of the most common bumper scratches, drop a little bit of paint, then do you want to do a bumper painting this problem you hesitated, scratches, especially some new car owner's mood is must be repaired immediately. Bumper painting if you also have these questions? New car for a novice driver, in this incident, have a lot of questions on how to deal with, such as bumper painting how long? Bumper can local spray paint? How much is the bumper painting? Bumper painting have off color? And so on these problems. Below the bumper cut after ceng want to spray paint and the analysis of the common approach to you, you should know how to do it after the play. First said the bumper, this thing is is part of the car shell, front and the rear of the front and rear bumpers, we can understand the bumper and production materials, help you make your decision. The bumper is absorbed and slow down the outside impact, front and back of the car safety protection device. Many years ago before and after the car bumper is made channel steel, steel plate stamping with frame longeron riveting or welding, and the body has a large gap, look very not beautiful. With the development of automobile industry and the application of engineering plastics in automobile industry, car bumper, as a kind of important safety device also to the way of innovation. Today's car front and rear bumpers in addition to keep the original protection function, but also pursuit and harmony and unity of the body shape, the pursuit of itself, lightweight. Car front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, known as the plastic bumper. General plastic bumper car plate, cushion materials and beams are the three parts. Which plate and buffer material made from plastic, beams with cold rolled sheet stamping a u-shaped groove; Are attached to the beam plate and buffer material. Plastic bumper consists of shell plate, cushion material and beams of three parts. The bumper is absorbed to ease impact, front and back of the car safety protection device. Well, after the introduction of the above, then you have some doubt estimation has some of his own answer, however, bumper painting this problem we will explain one by one. Bumper can local spray paint? This part is plastic, spray paint of completely don't need to spend money, if money spray, at least 200 yuan, for a small area of the scratch, can fill in taobao buy a paint pen, is less than 20 yuan, and then clean the scratch parts with water, dry after use can fill paint pen. How much is the bumper painting? Garage is proposed the spray, 250 - 300 yuan; My new car, the same site, turn left when the scrape. To more severe than you. Wanted to buy fill paint pen to myself, there is no confidence. Go to booth, spray paint 50 yuan fixed. Is the day before yesterday. My touch-up in 4 s shops, three days. Just got back up in the afternoon, fill headlights at the bottom half of the bumper, the entire rear bumper, and three places left the front door, a total of 1000 yuan. The scratched risks; How long such as bumper painting? You find a tree to a park to call the insurance company said I hit by a new handcart let insurance company compensate ~ go to 4 s shop repair is 300 to 500 with insurance company around, before and after repair, but the insurance company take some time to grow some trouble, if you want to go to your local to find a save trouble overhaul repair factory for half a day to give you 5 days don't brush after repair car, private overhaul shop repair it would get half a day; Bumper painting how to deal with the best? The car small scratches try not to do the whole painting, especially the plastic parts such as bumpers, spray paint basic mechanics and 4 s inn is cast, the car just spray paint for the first two years still good, time is long gypsum quality is bad will crack appearance is very ugly, so small hang a small brush, pen to fill myself with a paint line, under the really serious to some degree, such as change the bumper is better. Anyway in order to beautiful and can spray once, of course with touch-up pen mend it doesn't hurt.
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