How to debug carburetor for fuel

by:DEFUS     2020-05-28
How to debug carburetor for fuel-efficient

release date: 2014 - 10 - 31 9:29:04

we all know that is the heart of the engine, the carburetor engine is the heart of the all kinds of machinery, so the action of the carburetor nots allow to ignore. Carburetor is under the effects of the vacuum engine working, will be a percentage of the fuel and air mixing, leading to engine operation, namely the carburetor is mainly to control the transmission of gasoline. Gasoline is the source of mechanical equipment to work normally, there is no petrol in the can't work, and as rising gasoline prices, oil-saving become a topic for people. How to debug the carburetor in order to make it in the best fuel-efficient state? Hurry to go with me know:

float chamber of the oil level height is relatively lower, float indoor fuel is through the orifice into the carburetor throat and air mixed combustible mixture formation, moderately lower level is to reduce the pressure difference. Main orifice fixed and adjustable two rotary needle. If it is a main hole can be fixed in the orifice one or two more fine copper wire thread winding, with less fuel by volume. Adjustable screw pin screw first, and then counter-clockwise around a week and a half, reasonable lower concentrations of mixture in the engine work stable is given priority to, can't appear when the car speed up frustration and the feeling of carburetor tempering, may have to do multiple adjustment can achieve a reasonable level.

the throttle opening is the most thin mixture within two-thirds the most fuel-efficient state. Carburetor has a piston when step on the gas enrichment device instantly, jet fuel, which is designed in order to improve the stability of the engine speed, when the throttle is wide open, the carburetor can open vice cavity provides a second fuel oil supply channels, to add thick mixed gas, to keep the engine maximum power. Usually don't put the throttle to the end, as far as possible in order to achieve the goal of fuel-efficient.

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