How to determine whether a car battery aging? Car battery aging

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
As a senior owners, how to judge whether the car battery aging should not be difficult, but a small white car owners, may be in the car battery battery will open into the 4 s shop. The next and everybody to explain in detail how to determine whether the car battery aging? Car battery aging? How to judge whether the car battery aging in general, the service life of the battery between the two and a half years to three years, if the vehicle battery have been used for more than two and a half years, to observe whether the following situation at ordinary times, because it could be a sign of battery is aging. 1, the battery failure warning lights up the needless to say, if the vehicle starts after the self-inspection, dashboard lights up a similar 'battery' warning light, then battery said battery power is low, already it's time to change, then had better go to 4 s shop or a professional auto repair shop to check the battery, conditional also can use multimeter to check. It is hard to start 2, vehicle than usual rule out the use of vehicles, the day before the normal shut down after you get off the car all electric equipment by accident, if it is hard to start the next day that vehicles than usual, may this is it is hard to start because the battery power shortage causes. Especially in the cold winter, this phenomenon is likely to be the majority of people think it is normal by mistake 'winter cold start difficult', but in fact that it is possible that the battery is an early sign of failure. 3, idle when headlight somehow dimmed and another case is idle condition, the big fall dim light, it may also be an early sign of battery failure. We said to the front, the vehicle is in idle speed or low speed condition, cannot meet the demand of the car's power of electrical equipment, the battery will be auxiliary power system of power supply for the car electric equipment; But if the battery power is insufficient, can't provide auxiliary power supply, will appear this kind of 'headlight inexplicably dim'. This observation is the best in the parking lot, if you go to the destination after parking, idle if found headlight obvious dimmed, so it is very important. Car battery aging to do one, first take a look at your battery is still under warranty, in general, the service life of a battery normal for 3 - Eight years or so, and according to the actual situation, a battery can use 3 - in general - - - - - - More than 4 years was very good. If the battery is out of date, that means the battery aging very much, it will have to replace the battery in time. Two, if not serious aging, small make up recommend you one of the most simple way to add distilled water, the concrete measures are as follows: 1. Open the battery cover, remove the six helmet. 2, to give each hole with a syringe filled with distilled water, if add 1. 28 standard electrolyte, plate may be because of the high spent acid soluble and burn out. Why, for example, we eat hot pot, the more you have, the more salty, that is to say, at the time of water evaporation, the salt is not by water vapor and evaporation, likewise, will not evaporate, battery acid is the lack of water, so we just add about 20 - in each hole 30 ml of distilled water. 3, after a full battery still half an hour, let the plate around the sponge absorb moisture. Then with discharge resistance, the battery, after all, there is no resistance, can replace with a 12 v bulbs, such as: motorcycle headlights, car lights can, as long as you can have the effect of discharge to 0 v. How to judge whether a battery is nearly close to no electricity, cement resistance discharge resistor body hot at the beginning, slowly gradually is not hot, when the battery is the power went out. Light bulbs, more directly, as long as see light slowly not lit, means the end of the battery discharge, the discharge time depends on the battery discharge capacity, we can put the battery first ride to maintain when no electricity, so that we can shorten the time of discharge. 4, after the discharge to recharge the battery, conditional can be used in a pulse charging ways, because of the pulse charging method can effectively remove the plate vulcanizing, improve the capacity of the battery. No car can also charge to replace. 5, charging is completed, with a syringe, each hole excess water. A total of 6 holes, step by step to complete. 6, cover on his hat and cap, can use loading. This method is very simple: oh, a friend in need can try it on their own. More about 'how to determine whether the car battery aging? Car battery aging to do 'all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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