How to determine whether a carburetor can use or not

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Carburetor engine is important to the heart, it is good or bad relations between the starting performance of the vehicle, acceleration, dynamic performance and so on. A good quality carburetor above not only to meet the various performance indicators, but also has good corrosion resistant ability, so choose the high quality of the carburetor is critical. Here to teach you a few action to determine whether a carburetor can approach.

1。 See coding, model and shell on the carburetor factory mark, which can reflect whether a carburetor through strict testing and matching. If it is the engine work status in good condition, can install it directly use, do not need to do any adjustment, only need to balance the air pipe, the carburetor external pressure and internal pressure forming is consistent, it normal work volume to provide fuel oil to engine.

2。 Pay attention to the internal parts machining accuracy and structural model, which determines the engine start, high speed, oil-saving environmental protection, and other important properties make sure those goals are met.

3。 Look at its shell and internal parts of material, it determines the service life of a carburetor.

the above is the way to determine whether a carburetor can, hope to help you choose and buy carburetor.

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