How to distinguish good or bad carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-17
How to distinguish good or bad carburetor

release date: 2015 - 3 - 11 11:47:24

carburetor is under the effects of the vacuum in motorcycle engine work, ensure the normal order of the motorcycle driving, thus is a key component of the motorcycle carburetor. Now many bad carburetor motorcycle market, false carburetor is not only easy to bad, oil were compared. And good or bad carburetor motorcycle performance, so to distinguish good or bad carburetor is critical. Carburetor factory factory introduce everyone to identify skills:

1. For trademarks. Some bad import carburetor, although have imported name, trademarks and did nothing.

2。 For the production code. Import carburetor from 70, 125, 250 and so on each model, under the name of production, the factory name, has a concave body is mostly an Arabic numeral coding. Some fake import carburetor despite producer name and logo above all ready, but no coding.

3。 Experience the throttle handle. Use real import carburetor motorcycle, when gas refueling, feel is elastic smooth uniform, no delay, no ring, no impact on the springback smooth sound. Is often not the false.

4。 The appearance of the carburetor process. Really imported carburetor, name, name, identification, coding typeface looks exquisite workmanship, be clear at a glance, especially coding is more clear than fake goods. And some false import carburetor coding is often not clear, don't go. At present, the market of this kind of coding technology only bad fake imports, many manufacturers will import carburetor factory with changed into such a sham.

a real import carburetor and sham prices far, more importantly, the relationship between true and false to motorcycle performance and life of engine and fuel consumption, etc. , when the choice must be treated with caution.

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