How to distinguish the elantra, elantra, collar and lang move?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
First it is necessary to manage the relationship between the four vehicles. , ELANTRA, ELANTRA, ELANTRA, ELANTRA, ELANTRA move with lang belongs to A grade cars, these four are both belong to the ELANTRA cars, by the time we in order to manage the order. Elantra now what I say is, domestic first generation after Beijing hyundai elantra, abroad is the third generation, internal code for XD. In China in 2003, on the modelling of this generation elantra, no obvious family-based design slightly Europe and the United States department of design style, at the time to let a person shine at the moment. ELANTRA ELANTRA old ELANTRA is such a long, officially launched in 2008 sales, belong to the second generation product, Beijing hyundai ELANTRA flag with the above mentioned at the time the domestic first generation of ELANTRA runs in selling, tail with same wording, ELANTRA. The appearance of the car swept the country time, the main legal systems and romantic feelings and the characteristics of the Japanese fuel-efficient, let it be the first choice of the family car. The ELANTRA lang lang move basic specifications for 4570 * 1775 * 1445 ( mm) , and its models on two generations at the same level, in order to break through, the wheelbase increased to 2700 mm, is also one of the best in the class compact car. Internationally, also highly esteemed for this car. In Europe, was named the 2012 best vehicles; In Canada, win the AJAC new small car of the year title; In Australia, in order to ANCAP five-star safety evaluation to prove the outstanding advantage in security. Wesbank obtained also in South Africa '2012 model', the Middle East MEMA 'model year', Turkey 'car of the year 2011', etc. Dynamic ELANTRA maxillary movement for a listing of the new car in March 2016, seems to be some fate, led moving without the eldest brother good fate, so only in the technology, in collar, Beijing hyundai with 1 for the first time. 4 t - GDi engine, using today's mainstream in cylinder direct injection and turbocharging technology, equipped with the same level of advanced seven-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission. Elantra EV in addition to the above the elantra, also from the elantra extends out of the hyundai elantra EV, don't know this new wine in old bottles products, will you buy it? Elantra is contemporary the most classic models, when the car is angular type models, elantra first to design the streamline model in advance, the market is booming sales, open the Chinese market for modern set successfully, and configuration was, at that time and the fox, the excelle, only these three low-grade car used in the more than 150000 only after configuration independent suspension of the car, due to the success of the elantra let modern smug, think that win the trust of the people of China's car, in 7 to 9 launched the upgrade version of the elantra elantra, elantra design is fashion at the time, again by faith in the elantra, sales immediately, has achieved great success, and in 10 years time after lavida sedan sales second good result, yet the elantra almost all owners will find: although elantra is a upgrade version of the elantra and more expensive than elantra the tens of thousands, but quality is much less than the elantra, especially the suspension is not as good as 3, 40000, van, a start power obviously insufficient, because the modern elantra independent suspension upgrades ChengYue Jane after moving into the independent suspension, that alone at $4000 per car to reduce costs, so please move is referred to as joint venture car price reduction with cheating on the typical case of car people at that time, then soar team is follow modern science with appeared soar team broken shaft doors. Later elantra sales fell sharply, but also a month now hundreds of units. So modern will launch a upgrade version of elantra, lang lang is still by using look super fashion design concept, and because the fashion appearance got good sales, yet modern in lang is still on going price reduction with obscurantism policy, lang dynamic suspension quality not only, more than the elantra and the disadvantages: high fuel consumption, price reduction with obscurantism policy makes modern more and more losing the trust of the Chinese people, so the modern go from bad to worse in the Chinese market, it is totally self do, self have, what goes around comes around!
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