How to explain the phenomenon of Motorcycle oil rich

by:DEFUS     2020-05-26

Why motorcycle oil-rich? Motorcycle as our daily traffic tools, because its can be through the streets, can cross the road, widely popular among young people. Motorcycle rider have had that experience, is a motorcycle faint when climbing a hill, step on the gas in time and still not make effort, make the motorcycle fans very depressed. How did this happen?

this is a manifestation of the motorcycle oil rich, rich oil mixture too thick, cause motorcycle when low speed to accelerate the weakness, for a rich mixture ignition broke out the lack of enough oxygen and make the mixture combustion is not complete, bring down the power and economy performance, easy to produce large amounts of carbon deposit blocking exhaust, more led to the phenomenon of the weak acceleration.

interpretation of oil-rich motorcycle mainly from the following aspects: air filter is blocked; Carburetor plane is too high; The carburetor float chamber oil spill; Main Kong Song carburetor off; Carburetor enrichment system reset is bad; Main air orifice obstruction carburetor. Fuel quality is bad: gasoline label is wrong, can cause explosion; Gas storage are decreased decomposition, calorific value; Oil in water and began to make the engine work discontinuous shooting phenomenon; Other components in gasoline.

if motorcycle appear the phenomenon of the weak refueling door, we can judge from the above several aspects, to see whether it is caused by a motorcycle oil rich.

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