How to identify oil deterioration? What are the oil deterioration reasons

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
A car's engine oil is the same as a person's blood, relationship with the vehicle's health and life. If your car engine oil for a long time without replacement, lead to the bad, it will be a very 'irresponsible'. The usual negligence may bring safety accidents. The metamorphic and we explain how to identify the oil? The cause of the oil deterioration have? How to identify whether the oil metamorphism a, through the observation of the oil color quality oil translucent yellow brown, brown on the engine oil in the water is, when the engine running after a period of time, the oil has milk-white, accompanied by a bubble. Oil in black is usually the sludge and scrap iron too much, or too much carbon in the oil. Oil extraction scale on light observation scale line is clear, when the oil through the oil on the feet don't please scribed line, shows the oil dirty, should be replaced immediately. Second, observing the flow will be equipped with engine oil cup slowly down to the empty cup, observe its flows, good quality oil flow should be long and thin, uniform, continuous; And metamorphic engine oil went into a state of oil droplets. Three, hand induction without foreign matter pour oil between the thumb and index finger twist mill, feel there should be a lubricity, no chip, no friction, if feel has the feeling of sand such as larger friction between the fingers, suggests that the oil, iron filings, sludge and impurities. Four, oil should be transparent, no foreign body in the day of the sun or choose a better light, check rods or oil with oil feet lifted oil and observe the oil situation against the sun, in the light if you see no wear debris in the oil, that can continue to function; If there is excessive wear debris, the engine oil has metamorphism can't continue to use. Five, no odor and smell to stimulate oil are large and have peculiar smell spoiled or inferior oil, no special smell, good oil should be only slightly sweet. Oil deterioration reasons which one is the role of air filter, air filter breakage filter in the engine internal impurities in the air, purify the air. Usually only one car air filter, and luxury cars have two air filter. Air filter is located in the engine compartment of the air filter the inside of the box. And air filter after need to open the box to remove the air filter, therefore, has a fixed air filter box card button fixed and screws, the two fixed way in the end is fixed to the air filter box seal degree. Air filter has the certain service life, lifespan and materials related to the environment. Environmental dust and damp places more easy to shorten the life of air filter, because most is composed of paper compressed air filter, humid environment will make the air filter to shorten life. When air filter filtering effect lost or damaged, the impurities in the air is very easy to enter inside the nacelle, tiny dust easier to enter into oil. Dust can also through the cylinder into the crankcase oil sludge and viscosity increase, make the oil lubricity, blocking oil filter, even lead to abnormal wear and tear of the engine. Second, oil in water dilution, emulsifying cylinder pad damage or other reasons make the cylinder block or crankcase into the water. When water content more than 0. 1%, and the oil to add antioxidants, detergent-dispersants will fail, and thus accelerate the oxidation process of engine oil. Oil contains more water, oil lubrication, the viscosity decreased, the oil film effect of friction resistance is poor, light oil lead to premature deterioration and parts of rust, or causes severe mechanical motor holding shaft, tile burning accident. Three, combustion chamber untight seal did not find, after due to the piston ring and cylinder wear lead to fuel oil into the crankcase and contact for a long time, long-term high temperature oil metamorphism, decreased viscosity, poor effect of oil film and so on. So that the oil film lubrication and sealing effect of piston ring and cylinder wall failure gradually, piston ring and cylinder wall friction increasing, so for a long time, every time the pistons work once, the number of high temperature flame into the crankcase, vicious cycle, eventually lead to inside the crankcase oil lubrication failure, eventually lead to problems such as tile burning. Four, no oil change for a long time do not know everybody is there such a sigh. New car, car, worry about cars all kinds of protection to appear problem, maintenance on time or even ahead of time, the oil best brands. As the time is long, the owner will gradually become lazy, every 5000 kilometers in a oil enthusiasm into 7500 kilometers, finally in 15000 kilometers is not the owner of the oil change. Examples of, of course, not an oil change for a long time. Such as BMW woman figure said the owner. Don't change the oil after 50000 km. Eventually after a vehicle cannot be started to maintenance personnel find without an oil change for a long time lead to car won't start. More about 'how to identify oil deterioration? What are 'all contents of the oil deterioration, hope useful for everyone.
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