how to implement the degree of carburetor vacuum

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Carburetor is the heart of the engine, everyone knows this, it is because of its existence, the carburetor can adjust the mixing ratio of air and oil, enables the engine to operate at a high speed. People may ask, carburetor is how to implement the regulation? In fact this is associated with carburetor itself structure. Carburetor is made up of 3 three parts, part is the air inlet and the float chamber, the middle part is the throat, orifice and the nozzle, is a portion of the throttle. Float chamber is a rectangular container, store of gasoline from the gasoline pump, container has a float with oil level height control input. In the middle of a head of inlet nozzle and the float chamber orifice are interlinked, another head oil outlet in throat throat.

a wasp waist carburetor throat vein, two big middle small, of which the minimum sectional area of throat. When the engine piston downward suction, suction of maximum speed when the airflow through the throat, static pressure is the lowest, so the throat pressure less than atmospheric pressure, that is to say, throat throat and has occurred between the float chamber pressure difference, that is the people often say that & other; Vacuum & throughout; , the more the greater the pressure difference between vacuum degree. Under the action of gas in the vacuum from the oil outlet nozzle jet, because throat throat 25 times that of gas flow velocity of air flow, so the fuel injector nozzle jet flow is dispersed by high speed air flow, to form fog particles of various sizes to make the engine work.

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