How to judge the spark plug life

by:DEFUS     2020-05-18
The spark plug is an essential part of engine working parts, after the mixture is inhaled into the cylinder compression, must through the spark plug ignites to complete work, so the performance of the spark plug to a certain extent will directly affect the lighting outbreak of mixed gas. But in this light the spark plug electrode is also in the process of the consumption will happen. Based on factors such as electrode material melting point and hardness of electrode consumption will gradually. When the electrode gap is too large vehicles will be a drop in power, difficult cold start, the problem such as fuel consumption increase, then the best consider replace spark plugs. Generally speaking, the normal service life of the ordinary family car spark plugs are at about 20000 kilometers. In addition, some manufacturers in order to extend the durability of the spark plug, use precious metals such as platinum, iridium in electrode materials, at the same time also can increase the strength of the ignition energy.
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