How to mouldproof moistureproof spring car? How cars summer mouldproof moistureproof

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
The weather becomes warmer and the rain is also relatively increase. Such an environment, car interior is easy to have bacteria, so mouldproof moistureproof is important at this moment. China auto parts below small make up and you talk about how spring car mouldproof moistureproof? How cars summer mouldproof moistureproof? 1 how spring car mouldproof moistureproof. The car whole moistureproof dehumidification spring weather is warm and wet after the rain, easy breeding ground for germs, and inside airtight space, more become a hotbed of bacteria breeding. So, after the rain stopped to dehumidification, sterilization work immediately, especially families with children. 2. In moisture-proof electric circuit inside the car after water is likely to cause short circuit, easy to cause engine discarded. Many owners tend to drive in a rainy day after more than a week to find vehicles short circuit phenomenon. So, small make up remind you that your driving, especially after wading in the rain, even if the engine running, also suggested in the pit in time to do some processing circuit devices. 3. To prevent mildew cushions and carpet, cotton and linen products are easy to absorb moisture. And the rainy season, especially in the moist areas are more likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew. So, small make up recommend, deal with cotton and linen products regularly check on the car, at the appropriate time to dry, dry. 4. Seat should be fully dry car seats, generally divided into two major categories of leather material and flannelette material, leather seats is relatively easy to handle, general owners can choose to use a wet towel or wipe the surface with special leather cleaner. For the depth of the flannelette material seat cleaning method can refer to the following steps: first is the door is opened entirely, with long hair brush and suction vacuum cleaner dust sweep clean or sucked out first, then use clean foam on the surface of the seat, the adhesion in the dirt to float on the surface of the seat, then waiting for the foam gradually reduce, then scrub with the brush. Brush had better choose to take a bath brush, because both hardness and the length of the brush is more appropriate. Small make up remind you, do not force too much in the process of scrubbing brush, so as not to damage the flannelette material fiber, knead gently brushed already can see the dirt of brush away. Finally with twist dry the wet towel to dry the rest of the bubble, and then the door window is opened entirely, let the seat dry as soon as possible. 5. Roof and instrument panel on a regular basis to wipe mouldproof vehicle one of the roof is the accumulation of dirt, many owners like to open some Windows ventilation, dust in the air would have clung on the ceiling material, with the wind, over time, there will be a local dirt, and there is potential for some models with skylight leaking happens, roof is easy to be dirty. How cars summer mouldproof moistureproof 1. Bask in the car when it comes to damp, mouldproof moistureproof method you are most likely to think of is the sun basked. Indeed, the sun is the biggest gift that nature gives people not only can the sun is basked in addition to the tide, also can sterilize. Mouldproof bask in car need skills, not only will car to under the sun. Small make up to tell you that the correct approach is, driving into the sun, you first need to open all doors, Windows, then open the automobile front cover, back cover, the need to constantly adjust the azimuth, let the sun's rays can respectively according to the engine, trunk and car parts. The sun can evaporate the engine, car, car trunk, chassis and headlamps everywhere moisture, make the car is dry. 2. The car cleaning sterilization and dressing same, when the material of interior ornaments items in the majority with absorbent material, natural won't dry, inside the car more bacteria. A clothes dirty but not change at the same time, also will feel wet. So, in a car needs cleaned regularly. Small make up remind you, mouldproof the correct approach is, to keep the car dirt and change, to replace water absorbing materials with hydrophobic, disinfect regularly at the same time, stay dry inside the car. 3. Cleaning car the car to antivirus, body is cleared to be outside. Only by both inside and outside clean, real mouldproof moistureproof. Outside the body moisture, mainly need to be cleaned. If you have any sludge, car body will inevitably affect beautiful. Especially when the chassis with sludge, not health not only, but also affects the moisture evaporation, corrosion car. So in the humid weather, small make up feel you don't think that there is no need to wash the car it's raining, the opposite is rainy day more need for car washing. 4. Install chassis armor humid rainy weather, the road is very muddy, chassis easily with sludge, corrosion of vehicles. Even if is often clean, but the number of washing, also easy to rust. In general, the chassis armor can waterproof, moistureproof, can say with chassis armor, like a warrior with new equipment, increase effective instantaneous. Installed armor, car in the humid weather, can also the charge. More about 'how to mouldproof moistureproof spring car? How car summer mouldproof moistureproof 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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