How to remove carbon deposits of car?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
The most common is to disassemble the throttle, use the carburetor to clean the front and back of the hundred throttle, and wipe it dry with cotton cloth. It is generally recommended to clean the throttle valve for one year or 20,000 kilometers. Of course, different models will have different cleaning cycles. We can do it according to the maintenance manual. How to clean up carbon deposits: 1. Carbon deposits are harmful to automobile engines. If the carbon deposits are not cleaned for a long time, it will cause the decline of automobile engine power, fuel consumption, abnormal noise of the engine, unstable idle speed, etc. 2. If it is a new car, there is insufficient engine power, high fuel consumption, etc., then it is recommended to clean the throttle or be an automobile endoscope to see if the source is caused by carbon deposits; 3. If it is an old car and has run more than 100,000 kilometers, you can choose to hang the bottle (cleaning agent cleaning) or disassemble the machine for cleaning. It is recommended to use the hanging steel cylinder to clean the carbon deposits. The point is not to disassemble any parts of the engine, it will not cause damage to the engine.
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