How to remove the carbon in the car

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
High-grade gasoline flushing, because the amount of high-grade gasoline added is higher than that of low-standard gasoline, the combustion is completely clean, and the possibility of forming carbon is relatively low. High-grade gasoline can effectively flush residual carbon deposits, for example, if If your car is filled with No. 92 gasoline, you can add one box to two boxes of No. 95 gasoline if you think there is carbon. You can use engine cleaning agent to clean it. Add the cleaning agent to the engine oil tank and idle at 10 to 15 Minutes, then replace the oil filter, drain the old oil, and add new oil. Ways to clean up carbon deposits in the car: 1. Hang the bottle, cut off the fuel supply, connect the carbon cleaning agent to the engine fuel injector nozzle, and use the cleaning agent to soften the carbon deposit in the engine to be burned and discharged, but this method is only suitable for slight carbon deposition. Those vehicles with serious carbon deposits do not make much sense; 2. Disassemble the intake manifold of the engine for cleaning, remove the intake manifold of the engine, then scrape the stubborn carbon deposits, and reload the vehicle after cleaning. This effect is the best and most obvious. The cost is not much different from the hanging bottle; 3. Running long distances or high speeds, the car will hardly produce any carbon deposits in the hot car state, and at the same time, the high-speed engine can discharge part of the carbon deposits, which is why running high-speed cars frequently is fuel-efficient and easy to drive.
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