How to remove valve carbon deposits

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
Clean the throttle and intake port, spray the throttle valve and intake port with carburetor cleaning agent, scrub it, and some even do not remove the throttle. This method has a little effect, but it is very incomplete. The 4S shop may charge 80-100 yuan. In fact, it is done in the repair shop without even having money. Method for cleaning valve carbon deposits: 1. Add 'Fuel Fuel'. It is to add detergent to gasoline, which is the easiest to operate, but the effect is not good. If it was a bottle before checking the car, it would have some impact. In daily use, the cleaning effect of fuel treasure is extremely small; 2. 'Hanging a bottle.' The hanging bottle is similar to the form of a hanging bottle in a hospital. The cleaning fluid is injected into the valve for better cleaning effect. It does not need to disassemble the car engine, it is also a more effective cleaning method; 3. Remove the engine and the cylinder head. Disassembly and cleaning is definitely the most thorough and direct cleaning method, and the cleaning effect is also the best. However, the process is complicated, and once the engine is removed, there is usually no original airtightness, and it is best not to remove it.
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