How to repair the ignition system low voltage circuit fault?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-18
(1) the horn ring, headlamps also bright. '- with a screwdriver or wire on the ignition coil Try 'terminal on the fire, if there is no fire, for ignition coil low-voltage circuit between column to the ammeter. According to the ignition coil 'switch' to the ignition coil 'switch - Power 'terminal to the ignition switch, ammeter the order of the fire, according to the fire and no fire to diagnose the open circuit fault in the area. If terminal and wire connection not firm or poor contact, shall be clean and terminal, tighten fixed nut; If a certain period of wire break, then change the segment conductor, replaced by the conductor shall be the same with the original wire specifications. (2) the horn doesn't ring, open bright headlamps. With wire in terminal test fire starter motor, such as fire, the fault for the starter between terminal and ammeter circuit breaker; If there is no fire, the fault is the deficiency of battery or the line fault. Battery power is insufficient, should charge; Line break, should be connected again. (3) use a screwdriver in the ignition coil '- 'Try on terminal fire, such as fire, again in the distributor contact arm fire between the floor and try. If there is a fire, is used for contact ( Such as contact ablation, too dirty, not closed, etc. ) , can use 'white gold sand bar' grinding methods such as contact and adjust the contact clearance to troubleshooting; If there is no fire, and into the next step. (4) the distributor column and distributor shell place try fire insulation, without fire, it is distributor to ignition coil insulation by column '- 'Answer the column wire between the open circuit fault; If there is a fire, is for insulation bracket to insulated wire circuit fault between column. If the system terminal and poor contact wires and power outages, should be clean and tighten the terminal and wire head; If a certain period of wire break, the replacement of the segment wire conductor with the same specification.
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