How to replace spark plug yourself

by:DEFUS     2020-05-29
Although the status of the spark plug is so important, but can be very simple to remove. In general, most of the spark plug car are exposed to the outside of the engine ( Except some high-end cars) Open, as long as the engine protection plate, and then connect with the high tension line drawn after the spark plug is exposed in front of you. But want to remove the spark plug on their own, or need some common sense, first remove the spark plug to use professional hex socket wrench, and remove the installation process must not let the oil into the cylinder of the outside world, and to abide by the principle of vertical disassembling spark plug will spark plugs. Actually replace spark plugs myself another advantage is that can the car is discovered early failure. Such as in my own apart after the spark plug can also have a look at the color of the spark plug, by the way. If near electrode was full of black carbon, car shows this time combustion is not good enough, a rich mixture, burning oil could be the culprit; When found near the electrode is reddish brown have proved that the use of gasoline is unqualified, need to pay attention to the fuel quality, in order to avoid greater losses. In short, their activities, can train and car feelings, common sense, and can let oneself understand more cars is kill two birds with one stone.
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