Huatai lamps and lanterns is good with the bad?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Lamps and lanterns is living in the life, not only have the effect of illumination, and decorated the house. The brands of lamps and lanterns has a lot of, today I want to introduce is huatai lamps and lanterns, let's look at huatai lamps and lanterns? How about the price of lamps and lanterns of huatai. China peaceful illume profile zhongshan huatai lighting co. , LTD. Was established in October 1998, is located in the great democratic revolutionary forerunner sun yat-sen's hometown, national torch plan lighting electrical characteristic industry base of zhongshan city, guangdong province, is a collection of lighting research and development, production, marketing as one of the outstanding enterprises. China peaceful illume with jing yu glass co. , LTD. , household lighting, hardware factory, marketing center and research and development center, LED commercial lighting division and other business departments, various departments work closely and efficiently with a strong team outlook. China peaceful illume product line covers all kinds of household lighting products, electrical products, LED commercial lighting products. China peaceful illume huatai company uphold the business philosophy of quality, innovation, unity, development, meet the needs of the consumers from various aspects, has been focused technology, humanized management, products have passed quality system certification. Product marketing network all over the country. Its main products are: glass lamp series, dome light series, hutch defends series, wall lamp series, energy-saving and so on and so on. Meet the different needs of consumers, more beautification household environment, improve the quality of life. Huatai characteristics of lamps and lanterns huatai lamps and lanterns of trustworthy quality. The lamps and lanterns series of more. Choice space is very large. Its all kinds of lamps and lanterns, modelling is unique, with round, square, arc and so on, its color is rich, to build an atmosphere of different interior demand. It also has the different design style, lamps and lanterns to match with interior decoration style, not to make indoor look strange feeling. Huatai lighting products passed all quality system certification, and got the title of 'nation inspection-exempted products'. With the best quality, stable performance, rich style to the masses of customers and market support and favor. Huatai to never stop the pursuit of product quality, only in order to create a comfortable indoor environment. How the choose and buy lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when you have to consider from the following three aspects: first, should according to their actual needs and personal preferences to select the styles of lamps and lanterns. Such as you pay attention to the practicability of light, you should choose black, dark red and dark edge absorb dome light or floor lamp, and pay attention if the decoration and the pursuit of modern style, then can choose lively point lights. If be love national characteristic modelling of lamps and lanterns, you can choose floor lamp sculpture technology. Second, the colour of lamps and lanterns should be coordinated with the environment of household decorates a style. Bedroom lamplight decorate must consider the style of furniture inside the bedroom, metope color, the colour of household electrical appliances, otherwise the lights do not agree with the whole of the bedroom is tonal, can outsmart oneself instead. Such as indoor wall paper color is light color department, it should be warm color attune of incandescent lamp as light source, so you can build a bright and soft light environment. Finally, the size of the lamps and lanterns should based on the indoor area, what furniture configuration and the corresponding measure. Such as 12 square meters of little sitting room appropriate USES a diameter of 200 mm below the dome light or wall lamp, number, size of lamps and lanterns should coordinate is appropriate, so as not to appear too crowded. In the sitting room of 15 square metre, should use a diameter of 300 mm or so ornamental design droplight, absorb dome light or fork lamp shall not exceed 400 mm in diameter. Are on both sides of a mural foil install lamp or wall lamp, the effect will be better. Choose lamps and lanterns, in addition to pay attention to the collocation of the color appearance of lamps and lanterns and space, the area size as a result of different room, utility each are not identical, should notice to bring home after lamplight open more atmosphere. Different space 1 is different to the requirement of lamps and lanterns, the style of sitting room lamps and lanterns is an important manifestation of master grade and style, as a result, the illume of the sitting room lamps and lanterns should be compatible with other furniture photograph, create a good environment for the visitor and household atmosphere. If the sitting room is bigger, More than 20 meters) And 3 meters high above, should choose a few bigger bull droplight. Droplight because bright lighting, eye-catching design, produce very big effect to the integral style of the sitting room. Low height, the sitting room area is lesser, should choose to absorb dome light, because illuminant is apart from the ground. 2. 3 meters, illume effect is best, if the room is only 2. 5 meters high, the height of itself of lamps and lanterns should be in 20 centimeters, the thickness of small dome light can achieve favorable integral illume result. 2, the bedroom is people rests the private space, should choose the lamps and lanterns of bring person warmth, comfortable feeling. The color of lamplight had better be orange, flaxen wait for neuter color or warm color, help to create a comfortable atmosphere. Besides the choice advocate outside the lamp, due still lamp of desk lamp, ground, wall lamp, have local lighting and the effect that decorate beautification microenvironment. 3, the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen must have enough brightness, in order to satisfy cooking person the need that handles follow one's inclinationsly, the kitchen, in addition to installation has scattering light absorb dome light, also should according to hearth decorate, install wall lamp according to real need or take care of the lamps and lanterns of workbench face. Installation position of lamps and lanterns should be as far as possible away from the hearth, appropriate chooses the lamps and lanterns of porcelain bottom sit, sit and use safety. The modelling of lamps and lanterns should be as simple as possible, convenient wipe. 4, study illume basically meet the reading and writing, should be given priority to with local lighting, want to consider the functionality of the light, style
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