Ignition coil detection method of ignition coil is broken car

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Ignition coil testing method about ignition coil broken car ignition coil is a kind of high voltage transformer required to produce the ignition. It will be 12 v low voltage conversion for 15? 20 kv high voltage. However, the operation mode of the ignition coil is different from ordinary transformer. Ordinary transformer work continuously, ignition coil intermittent work. It according to the different engine speed at a different frequency repeated storage and release energy. In the electronic control engine, ignition coil is usually divided into two separate cylinder ignition coil and ignition coil. External visual ignition coil inspection, if there is insulation cover crack rupture or shell touch, will be affected with damp be affected with damp and lose the ignition ability, should be replaced. First grade winding open circuit, short circuit and take iron inspection ( 1) Method of measuring the resistance measured with a multimeter ignition coil primary winding, secondary winding and the resistance, additional resistance should comply with the technical standard, otherwise defective, shall be replaced. ( 2) Try try lamp test with light, in the primary winding on two terminal, if the light is not on is open circuit; When to check whether there is a winding iron failure, but will try at one end of the lamp is connected to the primary winding and side shell, such as light, was said by iron fault; Lamp is not easy to found fault with try. The inspection because of the secondary winding end of the secondary windings connected into the high-pressure jack at the other end connected to the primary winding, so in the inspection, when the light of a high voltage socket contact pin, the other the contact pin of by low pressure column, if the lamp light, that has fault; If try light dark red, without fault; If try light is red, not the observation, should be paid attention to when the stylus when remove from the column, for the spark occurs, such as no spark, winding has open circuit. Because of secondary and primary winding is mutually, has a fault, if the secondary windings in the check has been reflected in the primary winding, do not need to check. Ignition strength test ( 1) Electrical test bench test to check the ignition coil to produce high voltage, can be on the test bench experiment with distributor. When the inspection will discharge electrode gap adjustment to 7 mm, to start with a low speed to raise the temperature of ignition coil to the working temperature ( 60~70oC) , then the speed of the distributor to specified value, ( Usually 4, 6 cylinder engine ignition coil of 1900 r/min, eight cylinder engine ignition coil of 2500 r/min) In 0. Within 5 min, if can continuous blue sparks, said the ignition coil is good. ( 2) In contrast to jump fire testing this method on the test bench or car all can undertake, will be tested ignition coil with good, comparing the ignition coil respectively connected to see if the spark intensity. Ignition coil after inspection, such as internal short circuit, open circuit, take iron, such as failure, angry or strength does not conform to the requirements, the general should be replaced for the new product. How about ignition coil broken car fuel consumption increase, power down: as the spark plugs fire ability is abate, the engine combustion of combustible gas mixture will be affected, resulting in the increase in fuel consumption, power down and adverse reactions. The production of large Numbers of carbon deposition: due to the spark plugs fire ability weakened causes incomplete combustion of combustible gas mixture, and incomplete combustion of combustible gas mixture will produce a substance called carbon coke with. In general, how many letters are there in the engine cylinder can have how many ignition coil, and if when an ignition coil is damaged, spark breakdown ignite combustible mixed gas is not enough to lead to spark plug or not flame out, the engine will appear short cylinder phenomenon. More about the engine air filter device into the water? The content of the air filter, what brand is good 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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