Ignition coil fault phenomenon ignition coil fault detection diagnosis method

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Ignition coil fault what phenomenon ignition coil fault detection diagnosis method. As the name suggests, the ignition coil is a device that provides the ignition energy. We know that if the car to drive, the engine must work, and the power from the mixture in the cylinder of engine combustion. To fire the mixture of the energy transferred by the ignition coil, but the real thing is the spark plug. If you find the car the following problems, basically can determine the ignition coil has a problem. Ignition coil failure 1, what is the phenomenon is in the idle state, the body jitter is obvious. Observe the exhaust port, the car has obvious intermittent exhaust from air, the exhaust pipe at the same time jitter, can clearly hear the voice of 'getting'; 2, is in the process of driving, speed below 2500 RPM, the body has obvious jitter, accelerate the weakness; After the speed of more than 2500 turn, shaking feeling disappear; 3, open the hood, observe the running engine, found that the engine has obvious shaking. The jitter has obviously does not belong to the normal engine working condition of jitter, dither amplitude is very large. Considerations generally a ignition coil is responsible for a cylinder ( Individual cars will share a two cylinder ignition coil) The ignition coil, if only one fails, the rest of the work is normal, so reluctantly emergency driving is not a problem, but the car engine, frame and connecting parts and so on all is very bad, the best solution to the repair shop for maintenance. If more than one cylinder is not working, so the car is likely to stall directly, you can either call trailer at this moment. External examination ignition coil external inspection mainly includes the shell cleaning and inspection, high and low voltage coil is short circuit, open circuit, iron and scintillation intensity is in line with the requirements, etc. Check the appearance of the ignition coil, shell are in good condition, the model is consistent; Presence of crack damage or insulation overflow, the terminal connection is stable, if discover the insulation cover rupture or casing damage, loss of ignition due to easy be affected with damp be affected with damp ability, should be replaced. Check whether the high and low voltage coil is short circuit, open circuit and low voltage coil is iron. Check shell see ignition coil appearance, high tension line holes are in good condition and repair if necessary. Open circuit, short circuit, the primary and secondary windings by iron multimeter measure the ignition coil primary winding, secondary winding and the resistance, additional resistance should comply with the technical standard, otherwise defective, shall be replaced. ( 1) The method of measuring the resistance (1) check the primary winding resistance. Measured with a multimeter electric block '+' and '-' the resistance between terminals. (2) check the secondary winding resistance. '+' is measured with a multimeter electric barrier between the high voltage terminal resistance. 3. Check the resistance of the resistor. Multimeter is directly connected into two terminal resistor. ( 2) Try the lamp test. Try to 220 V lights on the terminal of primary winding, the light is said no open circuit fault, otherwise is open circuit. When to check whether there is a winding iron failure, but will try at one end of the lamp is connected to the primary winding, the other end of the shell, such as light, he said has a fault, or else as well. Lamp is not easy to found fault with try. For secondary windings, because it is connected into high pressure at the end of the jack, the other end connected to the primary winding, so in the test, when the light of a high voltage socket contact pin, the other the contact pin of by low pressure column, if the lamp light, that has fault; If try light dark red, without fault; If try light is red, not the observation, should be paid attention to when the stylus when remove from the column, for the spark occurs, such as no spark, winding has open circuit. Because of secondary and primary winding is mutually, has a fault, if the secondary windings in the check has been reflected in the primary winding, do not need to check. Ignition coil insulation performance testing on the ignition coil fault is better under the dynamic detection. ( 1) In the test, failure occurs in the oscilloscope waveform. Such as hot car waveform change and must be replaced. ( 2) In test, the failure occurs in the first place, infrared thermometer is used to inspect the working temperature of secondary coil, such as more than 95 ℃, ignition coil insulation aging, internal short-circuit point, must be replaced. ( 3) In the test, failure occurs in the first place, the secondary coil resistance with the ohmmeter detection, such as thermal resistance decreased significantly after car, explain the internal short circuit, must be replaced. More about 'what ignition coil fault phenomenon ignition coil fault detection diagnosis method' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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