In addition to carbon deposition straight eruption motivation? How much is the straight engine the carbon deposit period

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Many cars are now adopting direct eruption motivation, but there are many car owners don't know how straight engine carbon cleaning maintenance, some say straight engine on high oil and maintenance requirements, maintenance is expensive, so how straight eruption motivation in addition to carbon deposition? China auto parts below small make up with all of you in addition to carbon deposition on straight engine? How much is the straight engine the carbon deposit period? How straight eruption motivation in addition to carbon deposition first, supplying high quality gasoline wax and colloid and other impurity content in gasoline is the main components of the formation of carbon deposition, so the trend of high cleanliness of gasoline to form carbon is weaker. Some owners in order to guarantee the purity of the gas, can adopt the practice of adding gasoline detergent in the gasoline. This can effectively prevent the metal surface to form carbon 'layer, and can gradually activated carbon particles remove slowly, original so as to protect the engine from harm. Gasoline detergent added must be careful, though, if joined the false and inferior product will have the opposite effect. Second, do not idle for a long time on idle time is long, the engine to normal temperature also becomes long, gasoline be sprayed to throttle back after evaporation speed slow, carbon also from this. At the same time often idle speed, flow of air into the engine is small, so the carbon flushing action is also very weak, will promote carbon deposition. Third, more high speed, to improve the buffer of shifting speed for manual run as much as possible the purpose is to use the scouring effect of inlet airflow on to prevent carbon deposition. Improve shifting speed also has the same effect with much run high-speed, originally a shift when speed 2000 RPM to 2500 RPM conversion, not only can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposition, also can improve the power performance of vehicle, also can avoid the shift of detonation speed is too low, to protect the engine. Fourth, the use of fuel cleaning cleaning protectant protectant use to the engine is quite simple, the use of specific methods and matters needing attention to see the product instructions. Because from the fuel tank and gasoline pump screen and the colloid of fuel pipe cleaning down will settle within the fuel filter, in order to avoid open after cleaning, must be timely replace fuel filter ( Gasoline) 。 Need to remind is, as the chemical cleaning ingredients in the cleaning agent for rubber oil supply pipe has certain corrosion effect, when using this method, it is important to note that use cycle and time interval, or it will speed up the aging of rubber oil fuel line and corrosion. Fifth, teardown cleaning 'no break the' simple and effort, simply press the right method to use. But for carbon deposition, engine, this method is not, can't achieve the goal of completely washed clean. 'No disassembly cleaning', if the engine performance is still bad, and technicians to tell you the problem is the valve and cylinder carbon too much, that are going to have to remove the engine method is used to solve. Because the engine down to assembly, after its power, the sealing performance is inferior to the original, so usually, clean inside the engine cylinder of carbon deposition is often performed. As a last resort, also must be conducted to the regular repair shops, otherwise the engine performance. Straight eruption motivation clear how many general carbon deposition in the carbon cycle is 1 20000 kilometers later can affect performance, it is best for every 5000 - Do some 10000 kilometers from cleaning. After carbon produce symptoms include the following: 1, cold car multiple times ignition is not easy to start, normal hot car. 2, the engine idle speed instability, high and low. 3, add empty oil, feeling poor acceleration, has a fullness. 4, driving weakness, especially when overtaking, speed slow, cannot reach the original car power. 5, exhaust gas is very dazzling, pungent, exceeds bid badly. 6, fuel consumption increase than ever before. More about 'straight eruption in addition to carbon deposition motivation? Straight engine small make up the content of the carbon cycle is infinite 'is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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