In the case of not remove cleaning the carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-30
How without disassembly of carburetor cleaning

release date: 2015 - 7 - 10 15:41:49

is the heart of the mechanical vehicle engine, carburetor, it controls the engine starts, to the oil play a regulatory role. Like driving on the way, we often encounter such a thing, is the engine starting difficulty or always shut down, brought great inconvenience to our travel. Appear such reasons are behind the carburetor ghost dao, how do we see? Following instead. In fact, as long as cleaning the carburetor, below small make up teach you a recruit don't have to remove the carburetor can cleaning method.

mainly within the carburetor float chamber cleaning and precipitation of impurities in the oil duct, to eliminate the oil duct blockage, drainage not free to the carburetor engine can work, accelerate the hysteresis of fault. Remove the air filter, engine starting, maximize the engine speed. Wear clean gloves with the palm or foam with a clean cloth quickly hold the carburetor air inlet. Palm can feel a strong suction, the engine speed has been declining gradually, momentum motor's speed is low, to open the palm of your hand, let the engine back to normal. If used with carburetor cleaning agent can reduce the washing time.

this method don't have to worry about carburetor hurt bad, simple and convenient.

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