In the center of the oil revenue model - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-11
Oil change the center of the profit model is very simple and good operation, in the center of the oil profits in plain English is a process of accumulation of customers, through the store image, professional degree, dynamic final generation service sales, as long as is a member of the store amount accumulated enough so late relative to earnings is stable and durable, there is a big part of the profit, depends on the initial store image, which is through the store image, form the brand effect, big cities to open more shop, small city to open big shop, set up the brand image, customers also don't worry! Meijia embellish oil change in my unit, at present there are nearly 500 shops across the country, now we have to open every day decorated storefront, join so many business cooperation with my value is my product quality, and the profit space, including my whole rich product line, we operate in oil center 10 years of experience, the profits I unique model of propaganda and training system, to ensure that our franchisees subsequent profit, in the early stage of the cooperation, of course, we will strictly control the quality of the joining trader, will have a certain threshold, both investment capacity and store size, and so on are our pledge alliance business profit, in our system, we have a lot of franchisees to open is not just a store, most already have more than 10 stores, so don't make money there are so many people so many shop? In the center of the oil market is not you, who are valued, the key is to see how are you going to do, where is the brand of the future direction!
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