Is BYD's blade battery just a transition product

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
As the saying goes, 'Science is endless' In the long run, many of the things we use today are transitional products. Because we do not know what new products will be replaced in the future. But I think that under the premise of no breakthrough in battery electrode materials, blade batteries should not be regarded as a transitional product, because the requirements for power batteries for new energy vehicles are becoming more and more complicated. Because the electrode materials of power batteries for new energy vehicles are mainly ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate, the use of ternary lithium batteries in previous years was very large, which also has a certain relationship with the subsidy policy at that time. However, in the long run, new energy vehicles will be gradually accepted by more people, and people will understand more and more new energy vehicles, and will have their own focus. At this time, people will not be one-sided pursuit of battery life, but also consider battery life and safety. Therefore, the choice of battery materials has become a new problem. The blade battery is a lithium iron phosphate battery, which has advantages in life and safety. Coupled with its flat long shape, it improves space utilization, can increase the volumetric energy density, and has improved battery life than before. Therefore, the lithium iron phosphate blade battery is currently a good solution. And BYD has applied for many patents for the blade battery. From this point, it can be seen that BYD is very confident in this technology. And think that the blade battery technology will become a better solution in the future, and applying for a patent should ensure BYD's technological leadership in this field. Therefore, at present, for BYD, the blade battery should be the focus of future development. At present, it is not an excessive product.
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