Is car carbon deposit cleaning necessary?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25
It is very necessary to clean the combustion chamber, because the current urban traffic and road conditions are not friendly to the maintenance of vehicles, and the quality of the oil also affects this. The increase in carbon deposits in the combustion chamber is likely to cause knocking, poor heat dissipation, insufficient cylinder pressure and other problems, and may even cause cylinder pulling. However, the organic cleaning-free cleaning fluid must be selected for combustion chamber cleaning. The cleaning effect of common water-based foam cleaning agents is not ideal. It may also cause the water agent to enter the fuel system and cause engine oil emulsification, which will cause greater harm to the car. Cleaning of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber is of course necessary, if too much carbon deposits in the combustion chamber will cause the following effects: 1. One is to reduce the engine power, even if the power output is uneven, it gradually decay, in other words, the power is getting larger and larger; 2. Second, too much carbon deposit will increase fuel consumption and increase fuel cost burden; 3. Thirdly, it is difficult to start cold, that is, it is difficult to catch fire, and it is not easy to drive. Finally, serious carbon deposition in the combustion chamber will also cause cylinder knock, low-speed acceleration noise, and damage to the piston and crankshaft, which will seriously affect the safety of the car.
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