: is it a trend - oil change center DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-12
In my constant visits to understand the market in recent years, found that after the oil change center in the whole car market segments in the huge development potential in the lubricating oil sales space, including some foreign mature market, more than a third of the oil change center in the market sales, car running always need an oil change, this is rigid demand, the rise of oil change center also is a kind of new thinking in the lubricating oil consumption concept, in product sales at the same time, the service also to consumers. Oil change center also makes the project after the car market more and more differentiation and specialization has been recognized by more and more customers! This model is not only be accepted by the consumer pays attention has also been more and more of the personage inside course of study, large and small oil change centers have mushroomed, store size is different, do not have a unified image of the service, quality couldn't keep up with technology, marketing means don't come, management project and disorderly, merchants even hung in the center of the oil brand, but couldn't reflect the oil change center of service features, basic dozen don't move consumers, so what is the real center of oil change, oil change center development must be combined with lubricating oil production factory, that is to say, must want to have their own physical products, unified store image, stable product quality, highly competitive profit space, perfect marketing, and plenty of training system, headquarters to give franchisees powerful technology platform, to ensure the subsequent operation! In the domestic each big industry under the condition of the economy recession, many industries are at the bottleneck of management, many business people also are eager to find new ways, with the car ownership increased year by year, car maintenance in oil market is favored by more and more people, as long as it is more than 500000 yuan of investment people can become investors of the project, the existing project management service crowd after the car market is also in urgent need of transformation, such as repair shop, beauty decoration shop, etc. , in does not conform to the future market development at the same time, the new management idea must be within the industry and business people outside the industry recognized!
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