Is it necessary to remove carbon deposits

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25
Car carbon deposits generally refer to engine carbon deposits and oil system carbon deposits. If the carbon deposits are serious, it will cause engine jitter, weak acceleration, and difficult cold start. The direct impact is increased fuel consumption, abnormal oil loss, and reduced spark plugs and The service life of the three-way catalyst, so regular cleaning is still necessary. It is necessary to clean up carbon deposits: 1. The most common is to disassemble the throttle valve, use the carburetor to clean the front and back of the throttle valve, and wipe dry with cotton cloth. Generally, it is recommended to clean the throttle valve for one year or 20,000 kilometers. Of course, different models will have different cleaning cycles. We can do it according to the maintenance manual. 2. Cleaning the carbon deposits inside the engine, we can do it before replacing the new engine oil. Open the oil cap, add detergent, mix with the old oil, and run at idle speed for about 10 minutes. Everyone can buy the cleaning agent by themselves, the operation is very simple, you can operate it yourself; 3. Cleaning the intake system, buy a bottle of detergent for the intake system, pour it into the storage tank of the special cleaning equipment, connect it to the intake system, and use the vacuum to draw the cleaner into the intake road Cleaning purpose. Cleaning the carbon deposits in the intake system mainly refers to cleaning the carbon deposits in the intake port, intake manifold, and so on.
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