It will take the glass with dry dishcloth will scratch the car? It will take to wipe out the small scratches by rag how repair

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Many owners have formed a habit of lie between period of time will wipe glass, but found that turned out to be the wipe the bad sometimes, such as it will take the glass with dry dishcloth will scratch the car. China auto parts below small make up and it will take everyone explain with dry dishcloth glass will scratch the car? It will take to wipe out the small scratches by rag how repair? It will take the glass with dry dishcloth will scratch the car a car on the road often, every day in the dust to dust, in many people's auto glass usually have granular dust on the surface, it is best not to use dry cloth directly, it will take glass so as not to scratch the glass. Wiped auto glass small make up also told you that the correct way is: use first half dry and wet cloth to wipe the dirt, with a strong adsorption material like toilet paper, paper clear again, final reoccupy does cloth to wipe the glass, so you can wipe clean. , of course, also can use cleaner, playing on the glass, use dry cloth to wipe again later. Wipe glass actually also is to have cultured: first, clean the Windows must follow from top to bottom, after the first outside the principle; Wipe glass second do not choose as far as possible to the bad weather. Below small make up to you to introduce some methods to wipe for different stains: a dust, dust on the surface of the glass for these, be careful to use dry cloth to wipe, but don't be too hard, in case of cut glass, then clean with a glass of water, use wet cloth to wipe clean can. 2 on the biltong car glass, glass will always appear some stubborn spots, it is difficult to erase, then give it a try, you can use some toothpaste work wonders! Three, the reasonable use cleaner must be careful not to use with abrasive cleanser glass, it will damage the car glass, will affect the vision of the driver. Four, glass Windows can appear sometimes rust, rust and difficult to remove. Don't panic, can use wet cloth to wipe it again first, and then with a clean wet cloth with a little alcohol or liquor, wipe forcibly, can wipe. Summer and winter because of the climate condition is complex, windshield prone to mirror the problem such as fuzzy or reflective mirror, much time was parking under the tree, under the condition of the surface of the glass will also traces of gum shellac, etc, so at ordinary times on the protection of the windshield, also should pay more attention to. With what it will take to brush a little scratch repair this kind of cloth to wipe out the scratch is generally mild scratch, can repair with scratch wax, if Nick has drop paint with primer, then need to do to fill paint processing, 4 s shops have the technology. Let's talk about it will take the matters needing attention and skills: 1, using a dedicated towels or suede to dry the rims. Wipe rims of the cloth to wipe the car stop to avoid secondary pollution. 2, dry, the car outside the door jamb and crack don't missed. Open the trunk and hood to dry of edge cracks. 3, it will take time, to use special microfiber towel, can use natural or artificial suede, it is very soft, excellent texture make you very happy for you to use. 4, starting from the window and rearview mirror, first use the wiper plate can be scraped off any residual moisture. Dry the car there are many ways, but fast. Want to quickly remove excess water. Can choose the light flooding water wax, he can paint away 80 under safe water. Then using blowing fuel injector nozzle will crack and corner place water blow dry. 5, dry car never omit the action! Dry after washing a car the car to avoid water damage. Water damage because the minerals in the water precipitation erosion caused by paint. All water has minerals, whether or rain water from the tap. Water evaporation after left by the minerals finally becomes the source of the water damage. More about 'it will take the glass with dry dishcloth will scratch the car? With what it will take to brush a little scratch repair 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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