Jeep liberty gearbox problem jeep liberty light quality

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Jeep liberty gearbox problem jeep liberty light quality. Jeep liberty light transmission failure, this case is the jeep liberty light volume 2. 0 liter, equipped with automatic ZF9 speed manual gearbox, the gearbox since 2013 has been put on the market, free light has 14 kinds of models, from imported after assembly, then introduced 16 domestic free light model. Gearbox problem is prominent, such as the dashboard troubleshooting tips, gear lock, weak acceleration, gear impact, no shift up and so on a series of problems. Jeep free light transmission problem first let's learn about this kind of gearbox. Transmission model 9 hp48. Nine ZF9 speed gearbox, just as its name implies the forward, and a reverse gear, the more well known transmission gear cars more fuel-efficient, acceleration performance better, because the transmission shift more actively, give drivers more comfortable experience. This article introduces this gearbox fault characteristics, as well as foreign markets in some of the latest maintenance plan, in order to reference for domestic counterparts. The car dashboard prompts fault display performance 1: in the process of driving, the engine fault light, have a plenty of direct display transmission maintenance alarm lights, vehicle slow down to 40 MPH, sudden acceleration tachometer to rise to 2000 turn above, 40 - when accelerating 60 MPH don't jumping gears speed rise? 。 More than three thousand 80 speed. Fault 2: started to step on the gas at high speed, speed table up, horsepower table still stays in the 20th, and engine sound is very big. Immediately stop trample accelerator, screen display maintenance transmission, drive slowly to parking areas, shut down, after the restart, engine fault lights, and then found the throttle trample the car did not move, gear does not need to pedal the brake and gear to protect button. Fault 3: the car above the normal traffic lights such as neutral, then hang up P block go don't go wrong with the display gearbox need maintenance, tanker truck don't go, the engine sound is very big, have sound transmission. Maintain the gearbox trouble light show! Fault 4: cold start, the dashboard to repair the gearbox, gear when heard the noise of the stop lever from breaking down inside. Order 5: engine trouble light bright, long transmission cadence, speed dashed in 40 kilometers and with remote start can't start the car, according to disable, reset the engine. Fault 6: vehicle in reverse gear, the engine sound, stall after gear, and the dashboard display transmission failure, repair. Trouble light has been bright, opened 2 km, stall after restart when not lit up. Order 7: oil is the new and old models will appear small probability, the sudden loss of power caused by light transmission oil, suddenly lost power, normal driving vehicle sound, because there is no car can't go gearbox internal doesn't work, lack of internal oil transmission gear will be sounded, serious internal high temperature because of the lack of oil in the gearbox, wearing parts and hardware mechanical damage. Fault 8: the car lift brake does not automatically forward the D file as throttle acceleration of the car will be unable to move forward, the engine idling feeling, call this appearance sliding gearbox repair industry, also known as unsymmetry. Freedom light quality how light quality how, when people buy cars will look to the car's quality, and see if it is worth to buy a car, tens of thousands of dollars, after all, it will be through the selective then we will decide, but to car don't understand how to pick and choose not to come out, so we have to know its quality. Freedom freedom JEEP 2017 is light side light will increase the fuel economy of urban SUV to new heights. The world for the first time use 9 speed automatic transmission, and application as a standard on all models, its many advantages including rapid response ability, to the road conditions smooth power delivery. Jeep liberty light adopts ZF9 speed automatic transmission, which is the car industry's first 9 speed automatic transmission, its industry by far the most broad 9. 81 times the transmission ratio range, more than 40 kinds of real-time shift schedule and evenly spaced gear teeth than setting, provide quick response ability, compared to the road conditions and power transfer to a smooth cars more excellent fuel economy.
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