King pin and what is the role of the steering knuckle how to install the steering knuckle?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
King pin and what is the role of the steering knuckle how to install the steering knuckle? Steering knuckle is the function of transmission and the front of the car under load, support and drive the front wheel king pin rotate to make the car turned. In the condition of the car, it is under the impact of variable load, therefore, requires high strength king pin and steering knuckle how to install the king pin and steering knuckle how to install and remove the steering knuckle down 1 brake hose, remove the backing plate assembly. Remove the tie rod and the ball pin connection part of the straight rod; Remove the steering knuckle arm, Or turn the arm) , steering knuckle cover, left and right steering knuckle arm, Trapezoid arm) Remove the gasket; Spin off wedge lock pin nut and spring washer, with copper rod out of the wedge locking pin, and the copper bar out of the king pin; Remove the steering knuckle, scored thrust bearing and the adjusting shim, check whether the bearing is in good condition, and pay attention to keep adjusting shim, do not fold ( Especially the edges) , don't mess up to fit with complex. 2, to transfer to other tasks to section (1) before assembly, all parts should be ( Including inspection, repair and switch to a new piece) Clean. Assembly, the first inspection or after repair the front axle, fixed on the vise or special disassembling work bench, in the king pin, steering joint master bushing hole and the place such as thrust bearing or filling grease. (2) loading to transfer to other tasks to the first, the first steering knuckle arm people steering knuckle loaded tapered hole, with a split pin lock nut tightening, check ( Can also be used in the steering knuckle after loaded on the front axle reload) 。 Put people steering knuckle, the thrust bearing the steering knuckle fork can be placed in the front axle of boxing. (3) king pin hole on the face according to the front axle and steering knuckle on the ear of the gap between plane size, test and axial clearance adjustment gaskets, king pin holes and make front axle steering knuckle king pin hole and adjusting shim for up and down. (4) insert the king pin, scrub with a soft hammer knock gently steering knuckle and front axle king pin hole. 5. Turn the king pin, make the locking plane and wedge lock pin to align the steering knuckle. 6. Put on a wedge locking pin, lock nut, wedge lock pin installed, the big head to show the length of the hole outside shall be not less than 2. 0 mm, if small, should be timely replacement of bold locking pin. King pin plate fitted all landowners. What is the role of the steering knuckle? Steering knuckle is also called the claw, just as its name implies is an important part of a car steering, can make the car driving stability and sensitive relay driving direction. The function of the steering knuckle is passed and the front load bearing and driven in front wheel around the king pin and make the vehicle steering. In the condition of the car it under dynamic impact load, so it has very high intensity. In producing automobile axle, hubei axle of specialization has become so pay attention to material and assembly of products, and have a stable good spare parts supply chain, advanced automated assembly line and strict process discipline and skilled assembly workers. Steering knuckle is the hinge of the wheel, generally a fork, two with two forks have installed king pin shaft hole, steering knuckle journal used to install the wheels. Loading to the section of the pin hole on the ears with king pin punch shape part at the ends of the front axle is linked together, make the front wheel can turn around the king pin deflection Angle and make the car. In order to reduce wear and tear, steering knuckle pin hole in the bronze bushing, bushing lubrication with mounted on the steering knuckle of fuel injector nozzle injection of lubricating grease, in order to make the flexible steering between steering period and front axle boxing shaped part with bearings. Between the steering knuckle down and punch shape part is adjusting gasket, also to adjust during the clearance. In order to guarantee the stability of the car was going straight to the light and reduce the wear between wheels and parts, steering wheel between front axle and steering knuckle frame must maintain the relative position, this is the installation of the relative position is called steering wheel positioning, also called a wheel alignment. Front wheel position should be correct: can make the car straight line driving stability and not swing, on steering wheel steering force is not big, turned the steering wheel with automatic correction work, tire and ground don't skid to reduce fuel consumption, prolong the service life of tires.
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