Kumho tire which country's brand

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
From South Korea kumho tire history from 1960. Has become one of the large tire manufacturing enterprises in the world. Kumho tire has complete production line, covering passenger car tires, commercial vehicle tires, high-tech, tires and so on more than one category. Kumho tire, in addition to radiation national sales headquarters in Shanghai set up a factory in nanjing, and completed the phase ii factory construction in 2005. In addition, kumho tianjin factory was established in 2006, as well as research and development center, changchun factory, established in 2007, nanjing TBR plant put into operation in 2008, at this point, kumho tire production scale to reach $30 million in China. Kumho tire from the 1960 s the development history, has more than 50 years of development history. Kumho tires also has four technical research and development center in the whole world, which located in kwangju, tianjin, China, the akron states, Birmingham, UK. By 2013, kumho tires produced each year around 6. 5 million tyres, tyre products exports to more than 22 countries and regions. As in the Chinese market for nearly 20 years of international well-known tire manufacturers, kumho tires besides have radiation national sales headquarters in Shanghai, set up a factory in nanjing as early as 1994, and in 2005 completed the second stage construction of the factory. In addition, kumho tianjin factory was established in 2006, as well as research and development center, changchun factory, established in 2007, nanjing TBR plant put into operation in 2008, at this point, kumho tire production scale to reach $30 million in China. On March 2, 2018, Qingdao double star with South Korea kumho tires of creditor's rights group headed by industrial bank agreed, Qingdao doublestar capital will owns a 45% stake in kumho tire, and become the controlling shareholder. On April 1, 2018, Han Guojin lake tyre unions vote finally agreed to sell the company to China Qingdao doublestar. Rim Protector, Rim protection system is kumho cutting-edge technology research and development. General tyre is tyre and rim bead objects vulnerable to external shocks, when hit rim damaged first. The Rim Protector technology products and applications are usually Protector Lou in the outside, to prevent air leakage caused by the damage of Rim, fully guarantee the safety when you'd like, at the same time have the effect of effective protection, and the price is Rim. Uniform growth theory ESCOT ( 优秀的 smartcontour优化理论) Uniform growth theory, kumho global latest technology, fully ensure driving safer, more comfortable. Escot design theory to make contact with the road tread the central part of the uniform distribution and edge position, thus improve the durability performance, even in the case of pressure change, also can make the stability of the tire performance. The distribution of earth pressure on the tyre wear and brake performance such as driving performance and great influence. Escot technology through the ground pressure distribution optimization, thus greatly improve the tyre wear and brake performance. The tire cord of the tension distribution and the grass is neutral and ride comfort of the tire and close relationship. Escot design theory through optimal distribution of tire cord tension of body, at the same time improve the steering stability and comfort. New technology of tyre: kumho tires first developed the perfume ECSTA AROMA, make a sweet smelling tires, run more and more fragrant. In addition kumho is the world's first developed color smoke at high temperature of tire, ( ECSTA MX - C) ) For car slide show. Flat tire warranty: kumho is South Korea, the world's fourth development Run - at the earliest Flat tire company. In tire under the condition of air leakage was occurred due to external causes can still ensure running at the speed of 100 kilometers, 80. Tyres: kumho tire into automobile race for many years, has made great progress. At the same time, the kumho tire is recognized one of the main sponsors for car race, the excellent performance of the car tires also confirmed its irreplaceable brand position. Air tires: aviation tire in the tire industry is known as the evaluation of tire technology indicators, kumho tire was the only one in South Korea, the eighth in the world development and sales of aircraft tire company. Asymmetric pattern tyre: kumho tire asymmetry of new high performance products can make you both in the dry or wet on the ground can be high speed, can ensure safety. Tire color: color tire manufacturing technology is hard to realize belong to compare in the field of high-end tire production technology. Kumho tire is the world's second development of the technology and USES the colored tire tire production enterprise. International tire design: tire design international vision and local culture, the combination of kumho tire is continuous innovation, beyond the powerful support. Kumho tires in order to develop the Chinese market, to have and Han Guoquan, Korea university of Peking University, China's highest institution of higher learning, tsinghua university jointly set up kumho researcher at the international academic institutions, to develop suitable for China market world-class tires, kumho development in the future high quality tires will be more suitable for Chinese consumers.
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