Land rover is what car brand introduction is what

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Land rover ( 路虎) Is the British luxury brand all-terrain suvs, founder is Maurice Wilkes, was founded in 1948. 'Had' translated as 'land rover' in mainland China, to enter the Chinese public found has been registered trademark 'land rover' two words, 'had' registered as a 'land rover' in China. Land rover now has three major product family: range, found that, the Defender series. In 2003, the land rover brand set up offices in China. In 2009, land rover has successively its 2010 model years, land rover range rover, range rover sport version fourth generation found and land rover freelander 2 generations in China. In March 2010, the land rover defender on the market in China. In 2017, land rover evoque new star pulse on the market. At the beginning of 2018, new land rover evoque P400e movement version of plug-in hybrid vehicles. In December 2018, compiled by the world brand laboratory announced the 2018 world brand 500 strong, no. 364. In October 2019, the global brand the top ranking 85 released Interbrand. Brand logo rover ( 罗孚) Is one of the Nordic nation, due to the rover ethnic is a brave fighting pirates, so the rover brand adopted a pirate ship, ride the waves in open the red sail a symbol of the company, the invincible spirit. Rand - Rover is the world famous off-road vehicle, is the English signs: LAND - ROVER。 Land rover brand introduced ( 路虎) Is a old car company, British rover ( 罗孚) Is one of the Nordic nation, production bike when they use the rover brand name. In 1904 to start producing cars, still with 'rover' as the license plate. Today, land rover sales in more than 140 countries, it has practical models from 1948 developed into today's multi-function buggies, facing those who constantly seek new life experience. Until today, the land rover company in the production of all land rovers, and three-quarters is still in use, it is really amazing. Land rover widely recognition and respect, this is the other manufacturers not comparable to those of the car. In 1966, the rover company incorporates Leland car company, become a jaguar Leland company - The rover - Triumph. In 1988 by British aerospace company purchase. In 1989, officially changed its name to the rover group. In 1990 with Japan Honda motor Co. on the technical and financial cooperation. By German BMW took over in 1994. In March 2000, ford motor company bought jaguar land rover and jaguar, pay the BMW group for 3 billion euros ( $3. 9 billion) To buy land rover all 4 wd series products, including RangeRover, Discovery, the Freelander and Defender. On July 22, 2005, nanjing automobile group co. , LTD successfully acquired MG rover British company and its engine production division, created the famous Chinese enterprises to purchase foreign auto companies, after the acquisition of the company name is nanjing jue automobile co. , LTD. ( 8] On March 26, 2008, India's tata group, paid $2. 3 billion to buy ford's jaguar and land rover brands, and in the international CheTan cause vibrations. Now the group production of automotive products is divided into three categories: off-road vehicles, cars and MG sports car. Brand culture: pure pure refers to the reality and historical factors rationally comprehensive up, in the understanding of Land Rover in the past and traditional at the same time, efforts to seek new things, walking in the front of the time. It tells us to dedicated, full of enthusiasm and passion, to go its own way and never look back. Courage: confidence have the ability to raise expectations of life and to overcome the fear. Everyone to work hard, good at thinking, honest and trustworthy; Exploration should pay attention to grasp the discretion, do things to have a clear purpose; In times of adversity and to carry forward the team spirit; Look for the target, go forward, although taishan coping and its color is not changed, there is a fearless heroism. The explorers: tell people to open up, embracing the world. It is a state of mind, a kind of attitude towards life, it give love to everyone. It tells people dare to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, unremitting pursuit. In the vast wilderness adventure purpose is clear, is to try to find the best way to protect the environment. And the beast also like adventure, just the beast expedition is to hunt for food. Extraordinary: become a pioneer of the natural world; Compassionate and brave perseverance; There are both ordinary people's feelings and extraordinary personality charm; As a specialist, but at the same time and approachable; Outstanding and stand and not pretentious. It is closely related to leadership and charisma, is lighted up with flashes of inspiration, can be in all cases. It never arrogant and narcissistic, or malicious attack others. Land rover company ( 路虎) To the raider buggies and world-famous: since founding is committed to provide the driver constantly improve the raider buggies driving experience. In the field of raider buggies, land rover company not only owns advanced core technology, and full of enthusiasm for buggies: he is a universally acknowledged authority buggies innovator. Although land rover is constantly improving product, but it will always uphold the fine tradition is the combination of the value of the company with lean design perfect.
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