Leaf spring with five connecting rod difference between the advantages and disadvantages of leaf spring

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Leaf spring with five connecting rod difference between the advantages and disadvantages of leaf spring. Leaf spring is widely used in automobile independent suspension. Leaf spring is by putting a number of different lengths of alloy spring steel plate stacked together to form a strength of approximately equal elastic beam. The longest piece known as the main body, both ends of the roll into the ears, and the built-in bushing, in order to use spring pin and fixed on the frame bracket or lugs of a hinge. Leaf spring with five connecting rod difference between general is a monocoque body of leaf spring, vans, pickup trucks what use, changhe minivan in using, carrying capacity is strong, comfort is poor. Five connecting rod body + + spiral spring that is carrying the independent suspension, good comfort, ground joint Angle, and is the preferred in high-grade cars. Both focus on the surface, five connecting rod pay more attention to the comfort and handling, the reliability of the latter when the notice is overloaded, as long as it is normal use there will be no noise. Leaf spring suspension best frame relative to the five connecting rod suspension has simple process, low cost, maintenance and replacement costs low, relative to other structure suspension bearing ability, etc. We point, but the ride comfort. Generally ask leaf spring suspension applied in light trucks, heavy card, card, after the pickup truck suspension type, cross passenger car rear suspension, and some hard suv, now leaf spring, spring steel material from a product structure or noise reduction attachment on the application of lightweight, high stress, and in the development designed to reduce noise. Focus on the pull is a cargo load well advised to choose a leaf spring suspension, want to choose five connecting rod control and comfortable words. Leaf spring spring the advantages and disadvantages of the car, is copying the traditional automobile suspension is widely used on elastic element. It has the advantage of simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, easy maintenance. It is a suspension of the elastic element, and suspension guide. And by the edge of the hinged frame, can be passed all kinds of force and moment, and decided to beat of the track wheel. At the same time, it has certain friction damping effect. Works, so widely measurements in the independent suspension frame. Its disadvantage is that can only be used for the independent suspension, the heavier weight, stiffness big, comfortable, longitudinal size is longer, unfavorable to shorten the car front suspension and rear suspension, and frame joint of the steel plate spring asked spring pin easy to wear, etc. Despite its flaws, but the leaf spring is still on a variety of cars. In order to improve the performance of the steel plate spring, reduce weight, improve the life, the variable cross-section a leaf spring, single spring, etc. Each leaf spring with center bolt connection and ensure that each piece of the relative position. Center bolt spacing on both ends of the roll center distance can be equal, called symmetric leaf spring; Can also is not equal, known as asymmetric steel plate spring. In order to prevent the car in the process of driving each spring piece separately, if equipped with dried on the leaf spring spring clamp, lest the Lord alone carrying. Spring clip is connected with the lower spring slice through a rivet, on both sides of the spring clamp lh-zd connected by bolts, bolt on the casing, nut toward the tire assembly time requirement, in order to avoid the bolt falls off when scrape tires, even fly collapse cuts. Leaf spring deformation under load, the relative sliding and friction between each piece, it can decrease the vibration of the frame. But friction will accelerate the abrasion of leaf spring, so when the leaf spring assembly, each piece to spread between graphite grease or plastic gasket to reduce friction. More about the 'leaf spring with five connecting rod difference between the advantages and disadvantages of leaf spring. The content of the 'small make up is introduced here, in the hope that useful to everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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