Limited slip differential principle have? What are the characteristics of the limited slip differential

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Limited slip differential, English named LimitedSlipDifferential, hereinafter referred to as LSD. Limited slip differential, just as its name implies is to limit a modified differential wheel slip, refers to be allowed on driving wheel rotation speed difference within a certain range, to ensure the normal class differential turning driving performance. In fact of LSD according to the difference of the structure can be divided into several types, and each kind of LSD also has its special. The next and everyone explain lower limit slip differential principle have? What are the characteristics of the limited slip differential? What are the principle of limited slip differential current steering of the vehicle is designed on the basis of principle of ekman fifth round to set, namely inside corner wheel steering Angle is greater than ocean shipping. Turn the inside of the wheel is calculated by trigonometric function, a distance will be shorter than the outer wheel distance, once diverge from distance, equal to the inside and outside round ( Left and right wheel) Do not match the speed, if there is no borrow from the gearbox output shaft separated by differential output left, right, so vehicle cannot adjust this when they turn left and right wheel speed. When slow by excess and improper friction to, while high speed turning corners will happen within the wheel due to the rotation of the excess and friction, lead to tire jump off the ground joint use of axle and hang up to make car body, when the inside of the car body to rise and centrifugal force of the drive, naturally will be the other side of the turning direction was overturned. So left and right wheels of the vehicle is definitely not coaxial type, especially modern car wheel drive before design, again without differential structure, the driver could not control the steering wheel, as long as the driver turns the steering wheel and tire through the feedback force produced by the ground, strong at the center of the steering wheel back the origin, so the control doesn't exist, so in the middle of the driving wheel into differential drive system is the necessary requirement. Limited slip differential characteristics to ensure that the normal turning driving performance, as the name implies, 'differential' is used to make the wheel rotational speed difference, in the case of turning around can make the wheel torque distribution rationally, to achieve a reasonable turning effect. When the engine power by the clutch, gearbox, drive shaft, after a slow increase of torque on the drive axle reducer, face around the wheel torque distribution, realize the left and right wheels of different speeds, make both sides as far as possible in the form of pure rolling wheel is not equidistant, reduce the friction between tire and ground, this is known as a 'differential' process. Ordinary differential has a drawback, that is due to wheel dangling idling, in the event of a similar situation, differential power continuously to no resistance to the idler wheel, vehicle can not move forward, not only a large amount of power will be lost. At this time requires a differential to solve the situation, is also in this section we will introduce the limited slip differential. Limited slip differential English abbreviated to LSD, is the abbreviation of LimitedSlipDifferential, and LSD's main function is to work around the wheel, at work and will be around the wheel speed difference control within a certain range, to ensure normal travel vehicle. According to different implementations and part structure, the LSD can be subdivided into torque sensor, sticky coupling, helical gear, a variety of forms such as standard mechanical LSD. Although the process of realizing the limited slip differential, the ultimate goal is the same. Equipped with LSD vehicle in cornering the handling characteristics of the process of totally different from ordinary vehicles, drivers can be slightly darker in the accelerator, then in addition to increasing the cornering speed, also need not worry about the danger caused by vehicles into the corner speed too fast, so vehicles loaded with LSD really than ordinary differential on corners have the advantages of high-speed and playability. More about the 'limited slip differential principle have? What are the characteristics of the limited slip differential 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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