Lubrication system common problems? What are those? Lubrication system maintenance method have

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Lubrication system guide refers to the lubrication part to supply lubricant, a series of to oil, grease and the floorboard of the accessory device. The next and everybody about the lubrication system what are the common problems? Lubrication system maintenance method have? Lubrication system what are the common issues in the lubrication system lubricating oil has the following four aspects: reduce the sliding parts wear and extend the service life of parts; Reduce friction power consumption; Cooling effect, can guide go frictional heat, make parts of high working temperature, however, so as to ensure the running clearance of sliding parts necessary, to prevent contact burns. These effects are linked to the efficiency of the equipment has a direct or indirect relationship. But under the high temperature lubricating oil oxidation, these effects will be lower. And generates the solid content, the wear and tear running parts, lead to a leakage of compressed gas. Processing method: the rational use of high quality lubricating oil, the oil must be under the condition of high temperature had enough viscosity, so that the sealing gap can keep certain seal ability; Should have a certain high flash point; Want to have a good chemical stability, security, good oxidation and colloid and reduce carbon deposit to a minimum. In addition to regular inspection, replacement of lubricants, regular cleaning oil pool, oil pipe, oil filter and oil lubricator, ensure smooth oil. Lubrication system maintenance method have any diesel generating sets lubrication system is one of the important parts of generating unit, its good performance can prolong the service life of generator set, and to a certain extent, greatly reduce the fuel consumption of diesel generating set so maintenance of lubrication system is very important. On the start new diesel generator shall be refueling by filling oil. When filling cummins diesel generator set should be placed in a horizontal position and observe the change of oil level. Add oil to wait for a while to see the oil level on the oil scale, namely after the oil is flowing into the oil pan can see oil level is correct value. Each oil filter should be filled with clean engine oil, and then you can load on the engine. In the process of choosing oil, one should choose appropriate oil viscosity, and two to conform to the American petroleum institute ( AH) Performance level. Cummins diesel generator set requires the use of multi-grade viscosity of the oil, because multi-grade viscosity oil is suitable for work with wider range of temperature and rate than single stage viscosity oil about 30% lower. The performance of the engine oil level represents the level of engine oil additive, engine for heavy load, the protective mainly is the additives in the oil, because the continuation of additive over time will gradually, only choose enough grades of oil, to ensure that the engine in the oil change cycle can be reliable protection. After completing above two steps, the maintenance work need to do is check the oil oil level, what are in the process of check the engine oil level need to be aware of? 1. Check the engine oil crankcase oil level, keep oil oil level in oil oil dipstick parking 'engine' 'add' and 'full' on the side of tags. 2. Extract S every 250 hours. O. 年代。 Sample, and then replace oil filter and oil. 3. Weekly check oil oil level, oil to maintain the correct oil level; Check whether the oil pressure is normal after starting the engine. 4. Annual check oil oil level, oil to maintain the correct oil level; After starting the engine check whether the oil pressure is normal; Take oil sample ( 年代。 O. S) And replacement. 5. The oil and oil filter. 6. Clean the crankcase breather every 250 hours. 7. Check whether there is any leakage on the following parts in crank shaft seal, crankcase oil, oil filter, oil plug, sensor and the valve cover. 8. Check on the crankcase breather pipe, tee pipe and tube clip. Ensures the stability of diesel generating sets lubrication system, also makes the diesel generator set in use process more easy and convenient, greatly increase the service life of diesel generator set. What are the common problem more about 'lubrication system? Lubrication system maintenance method what 'all contents, hope useful for everyone.
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